Pictarine, the true online photo sharing solution

After a party, it is never easy to share photos with your friends: some share them through Picasa or Flickr albums and others might share them via Facebook. Regrouping your photographs to various photo sources and then sharing them is very time consuming.

Upload photos on your favorite website

Pictarine allows you to regroup all your photos very easily and in total security. It is not a photo stocking website but a new way to share your photos in a collaborative way.

You continue to upload your photos on your favorite website: Facebook, Flickr or Picassa, then Pictarine automatically integrates these photos giving you full control in a secure and transparent way. It can also import your Facebook,Yahoo and Gmail contacts in order to invite all your friends in a click.

pictarine photo 3d studio

How the free photo sharing website works?

  • Create an album regarding an event: party, travel, marriage, concert,…
  • Choose the photos you want to share with your friends whether they are on Flickr, Facebook or Picasa.
  • Choose your friends with whom you want to share. They will automatically be notified and they will be able to view your photos, add comments, add their own photos and invite other friends (if you provide permission).

Beyond photo sharing, Pictarine allows you to easily create albums of your friends or family. This service is completely free and you can invite up to 25 persons for each album.

More info on Pictarine blog.

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