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How to customize product photography file naming

Personalize images file name

Precisely and descriptive named files permit users to understand better the content of a file without having to open it, as well find them quickly in the library.

With PackshotCreator software, you can automate the naming of a series of product photos, animations, and videos to better organize your files. The Custom File Naming feature allows users the personalize their product photos name at the export step.

Easy and productive way of exporting

Use the Custom File Naming feature on PackshotCreator‘s software to better organize and advance the exporting of your visuals.

Determine the image’s syntax: choose the image’s name and suffix if wished. Then, select the folder you would like to store them and click save.

product photography workflow file naming

How to use the Custom File Naming feature:

After shooting your product:

1. Click Save As
2.  Select the formats you want to save your files
3. Name your files
4. Add a suffix name if wished
5.  Save your naming profile if you want to reapply on other series of pictures
6. Select the path you would like to save your files
7. Press Save


How to correctly name a product photograph?

In order to improve the SEO of your images on search engines, it is essential to rename them properly. How to do it?