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The PackshotCompact is the new 2D photo studio and it is the best performing machine on the market. Its generous dimensions permit the shooting of product measuring up to 73,5 x 80 x 83,5 cm (from eyewear to leather goods and artwork).

With its homogeneous lighting; composed of 9 zones with 7 modular and 3 sophisticated background removal features, obtain with ease, photos of all your products on a transparent or pure white background.
SKU: CREAB-2DPB150-19.01

Dimensions: 101 x 101 x 120 cm
Weight: 100 kg
Lighting: CRI 98, color temp 5700°K
LED Lifespan: 50.000 hours

Maximum size*
Top shots: 73,5 x 80 cm
Side shots: 73,5 x 80 x 83,5 cm
Maximum weight: 32 kg

*supplier’s dimensions – contact us to discuss about your requirements

High-fidelity rendering

PackshotCompact in an office practical and easy to use
take a photo of shoes for e-commerce purposes
toplight in an automated photo studio
  • PackshotCompact in an office practical and easy to use
  • take a photo of shoes for e-commerce purposes
  • toplight in an automated photo studio

2394 LED crystals are diffusing their light on a shooting surface of 1,33 . A color temperature of 5,700°K, these crystals are built to last more than 50 000 hours. They are divided in 9 zones, 7 are modular from 1 to 100% from the software interface. For more possibilities, this LED device is completed by a toplight, a zenithal movable XL spot (40 x 17 cm).

With PackshotCompact, say goodbye to parasite elements on your visuals. It is completely hermetic, to residues, and to the exterior light, thanks to rubber joints framing the doors (lateral and frontal). The environment of the PackshotCompact becomes much more propitious to product photos.

Produce your visuals with a high lighting quality, without any LED color or intensity changing.

The 2D photo studio at the forefront for all of your background removal photos

The studio photo PackshotCompact has been specially conceived to be paired with a powerful background removal feature AutoMask.

  • It has a cyclo background fully backlit. The angular parts can generate zones with shadows on the photographed subjects, which are then eliminated. The background removal of your products become easier. The cyclo background has been conceived with a unique sandblasted material offering a better repartition of the light than traditional panels.
  • All the internal studios are composed of an aluminum fiber covered by a black composite fiber leading to a homogeneous interior environment. It grants a better visual rendering of the transparent objects’ edges and facilitate the background removal of complex products. Contrarily to a complete white environment that attenuates the edges, this allows the product to stand out on a white or transparent background in a simple and fast way.
  • Our designers, mindful of every detail have conceived this photo 2D photo studio with an invisible cabling system connecting different key elements of the PackshotCompact: the location of the zenith shot, the USB connectivity or even the 360 turntable (optional). Enjoy a clean environment!
the sides of a photo studio from the inside
the inside of a photo studio
product photography with a photo studio taken from the top
  • the sides of a photo studio from the inside
  • the inside of a photo studio
  • product photography with a photo studio taken from the top

A wide range of actions for your product photo shootings

photo studio in an office which is very easy to use
  • Benefit from a wide range of actions for your shootings: 4 different shooting locations are available: front, lateral and zenithal. The PackshotCompact is also equipped with a frontal door of 75 x 46cm and two lateral and magnetic doors of 64.5 x 49.5 cm. Open them on both sides if required. Charge and then position your products with ease.
  • Boost your creativity and productivity: thanks to the PackshotMulti Management feature, handle directly from the software many cameras. Multiply the points of view for your shooting and stay homogeneous with fixed cameras.
  • With a shooting surface of maximum 1,33m³  for a minimum floor space of 1m2: organize and standardize your visual production on your own to occupy a minimum space after your shootings.


PackshotSpin O3T

Go to the next level by adding a 360° to your PackshotCompact for a rise in competences: automate your shootings and make your visuals interactive!

MotorizedZoom Control 

Get as closer as possible of your products. Intuitively control your camera’s lens directly from the software interface. Zoom in and out without even touch your camera.

Repeatable Views Stand

The horizontal arm of the Repeatable Views Stand allows you to move the camera back and forth, then fix it at the desired shooting distance. The camera can also be easily moved up and down along the vertical arm and allows for rigor in the consistency of the visuals created.

Software performance

But also...
PackshotCreator Photo Compatibility
Smart Storage SaaSPhoto
Multi-Core Friendly
Dual Screen
Auto PNG & BKG Recovery

Are you curious about the PackshotCompact?

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