Alphastudio Compact

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Look no further for the photography of your medium-sized products, from a guitar to a vacuum cleaner to the latest trendy toy: the Alphastudio Compact allows you to create high-quality photographs, 360-degree animations and even videos in record time.
SKU: 238H9

Dimensions: 178 cm × 136 cm × 183 cm
Weight: 280 kg


Maximum size*: 80 cm × 70 cm × 130 cm
Maximum weight: 100 kg
Turntable diameter: 125 cm

*supplier’s dimensions – contact us to discuss about your requirements

Content creation made easy with the Alphastudio Compact

With the Alphastudio Compact, you can capture still photographs, 360-degree animations, and videos quickly and easily. This studio is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized products such as appliances, tools, sports items, and more.


Thanks to its automated and intuitive software, finding the best settings is a breeze. What’s more, you can save them to ensure greater consistency across all your content. Even non-professionals can use it after a short training.


In addition to its user-friendly design, the Alphastudio Compact allows you to bring your content production in-house, enabling you to create faster and with less effort. With the Alphastudio Compact, get your small and medium-sized products to market faster while saving time and money.

90 seconds per rotation

Produce a full 360-degree animation in less than 2 minutes.


150 products per day

Be more productive than ever and capture up to 150 products per day.


90 seconds from capture to online store

A streamlined workflow speeds up the entire process and thus your time to market.

Discover the content you can create with the Alphastudio Compact

rocking horse packshot photography
mixer red packshot photography
karcher packshot photography
speaker marshall packshot photography
  • rocking horse packshot photography
  • mixer red packshot photography
  • karcher packshot photography
  • speaker marshall packshot photography

Customize the Alphastudio Compact with its accessories

Top camera support + motorized zoom

Take overhead photos while benefiting from a motorized suspension support.

Magic Table

Place your small products at the perfect height with this Magic Table, without any additional post-production: the software will automatically recognize the Magic Table and remove it from your shots, as if by magic.

Polycarbonate side diffusers

Reduce unwanted reflections while controlling the power of the lighting with these diffusers.

Operator stand

With this operator stand, you will have access to a dedicated computer connected to the Alphastudio  Compact, allowing you to control it with just a few clicks.

Ring light

Illuminate your products from above and eliminate any shadows inside.

Software Performance

Are you curious about the Alphastudio Compact?

Do you want to acquire an Alphastudio Compact? Do you have any questions or need additional information? Contact us: our team of experts will be happy to guide you and answer all your questions.

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