PackshotSpin Jewelry

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In the face of rapid technological advancements, this product has become obsolete

As a replacement, we recommend either one of our 360° turntables, or the Alphashot Micro v2 if you are looking for a complete solution for macrophotography.

Driving box dimension: 18 x 18 x 16 cm
Turntable mode: 30 x 30 x 20 cm
With T-bar hanging accessory: 20 x 20 x 32 cm
Weight: 5 kg


Maximum weight: 1,8 kg

From every point of view.

PackshotSpin Jewelry with 360 rotation

Composed by a 1.8° step by step engine, the PackshotSpin Jewelry is the only turntable of the market benefiting of an asynchronous rotation technology.

It works thanks to the inertia principle, regulating then the rotation speed by electrical impulsions until it reaches its cruise speed and enable a circular movement, graceful and without oscillation.

Hybrid, it combines the best quality of two types of gear (the permanent magnet engine and the variable reluctance engine) allowing to change the rotation direction easily.

A story of precision

The PackshotSpin Jewelry is also combined with an absolute encoder, position measuring system, allowing to obtain a minimal and subtle precision of the turntable positioning and so of the product, during its rotation.

All this technology is controlled by two electronic boards, and enclosed in a cube of only 20 x 20 cm, simply connected by USB to the work center.

A wide range of possibilities

Hang a necklace on the 360° turntable

After many tests on over 150 jewelry models, we have included in the PackshotSpin Jewelry different supports accommodating to each product presentation code.

For the products to be hung, we have designed two “T-bars” models, interchangeable and perforated in an equidistant way. From 10 to 20 cm, we have the semi-circular and circular T-bars. Their conception allows an absolute centering of products. They can hold products of up to 500 gr.

For the products that need to be simply laid, three supports to be placed themselves on the turntable have been created:

  • a white pvc board: for shadow effects
  • a black pvc board: to emphasize clear and /or shiny objects and to give a special shine to your product photos
  • a frosted glass plate: to make background removals on transparent or white backgrounds.

Evolving system

PackshotMacro DL

Specially dedicated system to jewels and gems photography, with a Dual Lighting technology allowing you to vary the lighting color temperature from 3000°K to 5600°K and to take full advantage of your camera and its settings.

PackshotMini Mark II

Lighting system and 2D photography with LEDs of 5600°K color temperature, with a backlit background to create visuals of small products, with their background removed easily!

Software performance

Are you curious about the PackshotSpin Jewelry?

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