PackshotStudio Multi-Side

Reveal your products in the most beautiful way with the new 360 backlit turntable PackshotStudio Multi-Side. Enjoy a revolutionary conception and designed to create your multi-angled visuals and 360° animations: an integrated LED backlight, a motorized training system and a control software. Automatize your visual production flows!

Design and high quality materials

A true technological jewel for creating interactive visuals of your products! This 1,35m diameter backlit turntable supports and rotates products weighting up to 200kg.


It integrates perfectly on its square platform of 150cm. This table is cut in a special ultra-resistant glass. The materials of the PackshotStudio Multi-Side guarantee intensive use over time. The carrying system by straps and pulleys generates a high precision: up to 720 visuals per rotation.

Intelligent backlight

The 360 backlit turntable PackshotStudio Multi-Side is equipped with the new PackshotCreator LED backlighting system. With a life span of 38 000 hours, these LED crystals ensure a diffusion of light on the entire superior surface.


The sandblast glass of the turntable diffuses in an optimal way the light on the product. 4 grips are placed on each side to hold additional lighting systems. AutoMask feature will enable you to remove backgrounds automatically on products, even the most complex ones: transparents, white and reflective.


Increase your productivity!

At the service of your productivity: the 360 backlit turntable is controlled by a software, dedicated to the product photography, the most powerful in the market. Take over the entire process of production of your visuals, from the positioning of your products, to the export of your files.


Fixed pictures, 360° animations and video: no manipulation is necessary. All your adjustments, from positioning to file export are savable and re-usable! Chose and store your favorite shooting angles for products, select the number of desired images for each 360° animation, shoot a video and with the Sampling feature, make an export of the images, the software will assemble them to create a 360 animations in HTML5 format…


The possibilities and features are endless for automatizing all your shootings and increasing your productivity!

Evolving system


A powerful LED lighting system with its case controller manageable with the program.


PackshotStudio Modular Lighting

The perfect combination with your 360 backlit turntable for automatizing the creation of all your visuals: an entirely transformable studio with a last generation lighting system.

PackshotSphere X5

With this hydraulic arm jump in the spherical and hemispheric 3D.

Software performance

Smart Background Removal 360° AutoPNG & BKG
Custom Defined

This feature, with a super powerful algorithm has been smartly designed to allow you to make a perfect and intuitive background removal of all your photos and product animations, with a white or transparent background.

By automatically removing the background of your animations in 1 or 2 steps, depending on their specificities, create and integrate them in a photomontage or a personalized background: the time saving is incomparable.

Define in advance several shooting angles (0, 45, 90, 180°…) your 360 backlit turntable will position itself on the desired angles and the camera will trigger. No need any longer to manipulate the product, the process is automatic and precise.

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