MaestroBot R

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The 3D virtual system MaestroBot R allows you to create interactive 3D models. It is a system for multiple uses: photos, multi-angle vies and 3D virtual models. It is a very simple system to use as it is controlled by an ultra-intuitive packshot 3D modeling software.   MaestroBot R is the only 3D virtual system offering, not only the possibility to photograph products on a pure white background, but also to capture them from different angles and automatically crop an image. With this system your products can be presented in a playful and interactive manner, increasing visitors' familiarity with your products.   This photo studio is no longer available as it was replaced by our latest, powerful photo studio PackshotSphere X5 that includes the same features but with so much more!

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If your are interested in 3D photos of your products, we propose a range of automated and powerful photo studios offering these assets. Our committed engineers have worked hard to create new innovative systems which are intuitive and easy to use.


Our most recent machine on the market, is the PackshotSphere X5. Come and have a look at the system that transforms your photos into interactive spherical or hemispherical animations . Your visitors will be impressed and will enjoy an enriched experience on your webpage.


Do you wish to discover all of our sophisticated systems possessing these features? Then click here to have access to our hard working pages.

Our latest photo studio: PackshotSphere X5 and software

Curious to discover our latest photo studio and software?


PackshotSphere X5 is our newest generation of photo studio. We are proud to announce that this system includes all the best features of the MaestroBot R, to create 360° animations and spherical or hemispherical 3D animations.


Check out our tutorial to have a look of how easy it is to generate a detailed 3D mesh and 3D model of your photos with the most recent version of our PackshotCreator software.


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