PackshotMacro RE

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Photographing your precious ring collection has never been easier. Simply place the rings on the innovative PackshotMacro RE suction system and put them in the right light using the unique Dual Lighting system. One click and you're ready to shoot stills, 360° animations, spherical animations or videos... and the mount remains invisible.

Dimensions: 53 x 43 x 59.5 cm + MufflerBox: 40 x 40 x 25 cm
Weight: 38 kg + 25 kg (MufflerBox)
Lighting: CRI 98, color temp 3000° + 5700°K
LED Lifespan: 50.000 hours


Maximum size*
Top shots: 25,5 x 25,5 cm
Side shots: 25,5 x 25,5 x 22 cm
360shots: 15,5 x 15,5 x 22,5 cm
Maximum weight: 1,35 kg

*supplier’s dimensions – contact us to discuss about your requirements

An innovative and unique vacuum system

vacuum system to hold rings vertically
close-up view of a gold ring held by succion system
software controls photo studio for ring photography
  • vacuum system to hold rings vertically
  • close-up view of a gold ring held by succion system
  • software controls photo studio for ring photography

A large range of rings can be hold thanks to this unique technology. The bottom of the ring is only in contact with the turntable micro-opening dedicated to the suction. Get rid of the handmade plastic stands, Blu-Tack, glue… and free yourself from long and tedious editing constraints.


The photo studio comes with five cutting edge plates with different vacuum diameters. They help to remove the background easily and to hold rings with variable weights and sizes.


Directly connected to the base of the turntable and controlled with the PackshotCreator software, the vacuum system has a 90 watts compressor. Enveloped in a soundproof box, you can work continuously without disturbing your working environment. Compact, its design is simple and harmonious.

The powerful and careful conception of the PackshotMacro RE offers plenty of possibilities to your creation of visuals: 2D pictures, 360 rings animations, and even focus stacking. The ring stability is flawless and the created visuals are amazingly precise.

A double lighting, customizable at will

The PackshotMacro RE benefits from the most advanced lighting system for the jewelry photography: Dual Lighting. Thoroughly developed by our experts, the lighting can be both « warm » and « cold ». It is possible to manage 8 of the 10 lighting zones with two color temperatures, according to the ring material.


LED with warm color temperature reveals the subtlety of metals like gold, and LED with cold color temperature reinforce the intensity of silver. Softly enlighten your rings and always keep a white background.

This lighting technology is also paired with an exclusive software feature: The Variable Mode. Seven profiles are preset according to the gemstone mounted on the ring: topaz, ruby, diamond… It has never been so easy to photograph rings with a complex beauty!


For more simplicity, the PackshotCreator software has been smartly designed to allow any neophyte user to be comfortable with the photo studio.

The shooting is in LiveView: as the lighting is adjustable percent by percent on each lighting zone, you only have to look at your screen to find the most accurate lighting to reflect your product. Once the lighting is satisfying, save every luminous environment created, according to the typology of the ring, and then re-use it indefinitely!

gold ring with dual lighting system
gold ring without dual lighting system
Without Dual Lighting
With Dual Lighting

Allow yourself to be bold in terms of creativity

The combination of the PackshotMacro RE and the PackshotCreator software not only allows you to quickly and easily take photos and 360 rings animations on a white background, but also to go beyond your imagination to enhance your jewelry pieces.

With a 3 seconds background removal, propel your photos and animations from a white background to colored or customized backgrounds. The Natural Shadow created by the AutoMask feature will give a sophisticated look to your visuals.

Customize your hemispherical or spherical and 360 rings animations at will and reveal the rings crimping, each material composing them, gemstone or diamond. Add an interactive zoom, annotations, hotspots, allowing to showcase some key details and additional information about the product.

With the Hyperfocus feature combined to one of the three PackshotCreator background removal algorithms, easily create 360 rings animation perfectly sharp on a transparent background. This feature, unique in the automated product photography, allows you to take another step towards the creation of rich animations. The Orbitvu Station software accompanies you to free your creativity!

Evolutive system


With the MacroSphere, your point of view becomes accurate, fluid, and most importantly: simple. This arch is positioned on the PackshotMacro RE and helps you to get standardized and homogeneous series of visuals. Either you’re shooting rings or necklaces, find back the right angle, with an accuracy of one degree. Go further and create spherical or hemispherical animations.

PackshotSpin Jewelry

The PackshotSpin Jewelry turntable creates animations and videos of your hanging jewels with a perfect accuracy. The two-step motor offers an asynchronous rotation and provides a regular and perfectly fluid. Result: animations and videos of jewels, gemstones, watches, totally realistic and smooth, which is not possible with other turntables.



Speed ​​up your photo shoots and demonstrate accuracy and precision with the MacroStand. This camera support, composed of three parts, is adjustable in height and distance on a rail, with an accuracy of one millimeter. The tripod head of the MacroStand, with its three positioning settings, holds the camera. Using the micrometric handles, rotate the camera from 0 to 90°, tilt it sideways and from bottom to top by 20 to 90°.

Macro Sliding Diffusion Arm

These movable diffusion arms allows you to decrease overexposed lighting reflections on jewelry photography.

Macro Acrylic Reflection Controller

This unique jewelry photography accessory will decrease any unwanted reflection when creating photos and 360° views of reflective watches and any other shiny jewelry.

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