Promod is boosting its fashion photo shoot with PackshotSpin

Promod, one of the leading brand in the woman fashion industry currently counts close to 25 million of customers per year.

An automated photo studio for internal and external needs

With constantly renewed collections, more than 1000 shops all around the world and one e-shop, the needs of the brand are changing quickly especially in terms of product visuals.

Last year, Promod purchased a PackshotSpin 06T for both internal and external needs: creation of products sheet, internal communication, newsletter, archiving, etc…

”It allowed us to improve productivity and reactivity”

Promod’s main issue was to find a way to significantly reduce the time and cost of product shootings.

“Thanks to the PackshotSpin 06T turntable, we can today create in record time pictures of our clothes and accessories on a model from many different angles. Today we save time on the setting up of the lights for our product shoots. Shooting products in-house allowed us to improve our productivity and reactivity. The result is immediate. “

”The process is completly automated”

To better understand all the creative possibilities of the numerous features of the software,  the Promod team attended a workshop with our experts in product photography in order to optimize their fashion products shooting.

“All the web team is working with this solution, which is easy to use. The process is completely automated thanks to the PackshotCreator software. The multi-views can be made very fast. Moreover, we are also thinking about showcasing our products with 360-degree animations on our website”.

Marine Delestrain, Promod Web Content Manager

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