Repetto’s testimony on PackshotCreator

PackshotCreator had the privilege to welcome Christine Laurens, E-Commerce Manager for Repetto, the famous shoe manufacturer. Ms Laurens delivered a precious testimony on how PackshotCreator has contributed in improving the photo production process for Repetto’s website. One can read below an interview of Ms Laurens.

”We use PackshotCreator to create professional photos for our website”

The audience had the opportunity to ask questions about digital photography and interactive 3d animations. After an interesting presentation, the audience was invited to attend a complete demonstration of PackshotCreator photo studio.

Ms Laurens, can you briefly describe Repetto?

We are a global luxury brand that develops a range of products including clothing, ballerina shoes, bags, shoes and leather goods. The brand’s development was initially based upon high-end technical dance garments.

What specific needs did you have about product photos?

As we had to increase the number of online references, we needed to improve the production time, image quality, color rendition, at a reasonable and fully-controlled cost. The range is updated and enriched every month.

How did Repetto proceed before purchasing the PackshotCreator solution?

All our shots were created by a freelance photographer.

What were the factors which convinced you to buy a PackshotCreator photo studio?

The process of photography could be internalized. That is we have more control of the final shots, deadlines and cost.

How do you use your PackshotCreator solution?

We use it to create professional photos of dance shoes, accessories and leather goods for our website. We also use it for our look book and press releases. We also use the pictures for internal communication, partners information, prototypes studies…

Have you found new uses of the studio?

Definitely, the 360 degree interactive animations, though we do not use them yet.

How often do you use your studio?

Every day !

How many people use the photo studio and what are their profiles?

At least 4 different persons in the Marketing, Communication and Internet services…

What do you think of the results provided by our photo studio? What are the tangible benefits for the company?

The results are great. Our products need a slight check before shooting, to make sure that all the textures, materials and knots are properly set up. We happen to use additional retouching. Repetto has been able to optimize image production costs, and control the product image more efficiently and precisely. The production schedule has been improved and the total number of views on our product data sheets has also increased [Note from the PackshotCreator team: during the conference, Ms Laurens mentioned the following figures : available products pictures for online publication increased from less than 50 up to more than 250. Each item for sale now has 4 related images instead of 2].

PackshotCreator wishes to thank Ms Christine Laurens, the Repetto team, and every one who took part to the event.

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