ABC Design

For ABC Design, the children accessory specialist, PackshotSpin makes visual creation as easy as 1,2,3

Aware of the great potential of Rich Media interfaces on the Web, the ABC Design company opted for an innovative way to present its products: 360-degrees animations. In order to achieve this online strategy, the German pushchairs and children accessory specialist acquired the PackshotSpin O9T creative workstation. The one and only integrated solution able to create Flash animations of voluminous objects weighting up to 310kg. Today its corporate website proposes series of 360-degrees animations of all its large products.

How reinforce the online strategy in order to maximize the visibility?

Publishing 360° animations of prams, strollers and buggies has never been so easy for ABC Design. The well-known producer of children quality products made the choice of the PackshotSpin 09T creative workstation to improve its clients experience online. The integrated and all-in-one features of this technology were the main reasons motivating this acquisition: “we were searching for a system which offers the hardware and the software for 360° photography”, explains Patrick Straub, web designer for ABC Design and main user of the solution within the company.

Specifically designed for voluminous and/or heavyweight products, PackshotSpin workstations are well adapted to ABC Design ranges. Among their most popular articles are pushchairs, prams, strollers and buggies, all large objects which obviously lead to specific constraints for shooting.
Thanks to its tailored turntable and its synchronous action with the software, PackshotSpin O9T is able to create numerous Flash animations. With PackshotSpin O9T, the company’s Marketing and Communication department made the choice of an efficient and cost-saving way to create 360° products views.

Only integrated solution providing automatically interactive and high quality visuals, this innovative concept permits to rationalize the visuals production process. “When all settings are done for the first product, following objects are all made very quickly with these settings”, explains Patrick Straub. The German company can now propose a real immersive experience to its online customers. Today, it has more than 200 realistic products pictures at its disposal. Its strategic use of the high tech creative workstation also contributed to reinforce its online presence through massive publishing of interactive animations. A format very appreciated by customers. “360° animations are always a big eyecatcher and give the consumer a better and more realistic view on the product which also gives them an easier buying decision”, says Patrick Straub.

According to the web designer, PackshotSpin O9T proved to be easy to use and efficient during the creation process of new visuals – 360° animations and high definition photos of products: “this 360° photography system combines easy and quick build-up hardware and a very intuitive way to use the software”. Moreover the Flash animations are easily integrated to the interface of its corporate website. The site is now updated on a frequent basis, always in line with new products launches. Patrick Straub sum up: “the benefits for our company are a big added value and the fact that we are on newest technical level in terms of creation”. Communication costs were also a major requirement for the company concludes Patrick Straub:”with the system we also wanted to be autonomous from external agencies which offer 360° pictures.

The price performance ratio of the PackshotSpin studio is very good”. With the help of PackshotSpin O9T, ABC Design plans to differentiate its trademark from competitors through rich interface, high quality contents and 360° animations. Equipped with this new generation of photo studio, the company’s return on investment is guaranteed for all its communication operations focusing on the products. Through a massive use of 360° animations, ABC Design is adopting an all new way to communicate online and thus, to improve relations with customers.

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