Franck Provost

Franck Provost chose convenience for its visuals

High quality in house with PackshotCreator

To put an end to delays and costs from external service providers, the Franck Provost group made the acquisition of a PackshotCreator photo studio.

How does one reduce visuals production costs?

Corine Weppe handles the interface between marketing and digital at Franck Provost.  She has for responsibility the production and management of group visuals (press, e-commerce, product sheets, and catalogues). She had to decide quickly between two options for her visuals production: outsource or internalize this process.

“Seduced by its ease of use”

“Before, we used external service providers, which often proved to be cumbersome to manage: between sending goods, receiving and shooting them, editing, and return of the CD, we had to wait between 7 to 10 days.  Another drawback: the cost, which was from 500 to € 800 for half a day of work. On average, we have two or three collections per year, not counting the one-off operations and various ranges.  All of these products to be shot represent a very high annual cost.  We tried multiple times internally, but the results were unconvincing since none of us is a photographer.  When I discovered PackshotCreator, I was immediately attracted to its ease of use and the photo results.  I remember that, during the product presentation by PackshotCreator , we were presented with a transparent trunk quite difficult to photograph given the play of light: the result was excellent! “, enthuses Corinne Weppe.

“A considerable time and money saver”

Once the in-house production is implemented, it is a real relief at all levels, according to Corinne Weppe: “Now, most of the group visuals are produced in-house, which represents a considerable time and cost saver. For example, I recently photographed the new Franck Provost make-up line: 13 references, with each time five or six shots per product, or roughly sixty images.  It took me 2 hours, including alterations, for professional, quality photos.  Finally, the controlled lighting environment, without cast shadows and glares, facilitates cropping…Very cost effective! Responsiveness, made possible by PackshotCreator, is an important asset primarily during launch operations that require different types of visuals quickly.  One of our problems was getting from our providers a sufficient reactivity.”

A completely novel concept

“Today, as soon as we need an image we can produce it with minutes.” But the production speed in no way affects the quality of the produced images.  Indeed, PackshotCreator provides the possibility to obtain visuals that can be used on multiple medias: magazines, catalogues, internet, slides, etc. Our salons and franchisees now benefit, on their dedicated extranet, from professional quality images produced in-house.  Its ease of use and completely innovative concept have not, what’s more, gone unnoticed by the prestigious head office of the group, according to Corine Weppe: “management appreciates finally having, internally, a simple and immediate photo solution.  “, she concludes.

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