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ISEM opte pour la photo numérique innovante

PackshotCreator accompanies an international reference in luxury packaging

ISEM, the international reference in luxury product packaging, chose to use the Maestrobot R photo studio, combined with PackshotCreator R3 to ensure the remote control of their production quality.

Alleviating a procedure

The Italian company ISEM offers services ranging from the design to the assembly and printing of packaging. The objective of the company is to ensure its international clients of quick feedback on potential defects on packaging, in order to correct them as soon as possible.  The current procedure was much too cumbersome since it involved a systematic expedition of the prototype to the client, and this, at various stages of the design.  The company therefore opted for an innovative, efficient, and cost-effective digital solution: the PackshotCreator photo studios.

A determining factor for clients

Patrick Lavara, international manager for quality control, explains: “Our clients are companies that commercialize luxury products.  It is a very demanding industry, as studies have shown that the packaging is a determining factor in the purchasing process for 60% of customers! It wasn’t practical for us to go back and forth between the post office and our clients.  We have tried digital photos, but we had issues with lighting and glares.  To remotely validate each step with our clients, we needed a way of taking professional quality photos with great precision, quality lighting, and no reflections”.  

Multiple uses for visuals

Thanks to the controlled lighting and to the PackshotCreator software, the ISEM teams obtain accurate images which are directly transmitted to clients. “We can thus quickly proceed to the corrections that they want done in order to get as close as possible to zero flaws. In parallel, we also use the PackshotCreator studio to obtain quality visuals of our profession, and present them to our new clients.  We have acquired three studios: two are in Italy, and the third is installed in Portugal at one of our partner’s sites.  Other than the considerable time savings that we get with PackshotCreator studios, we now have a better understanding of our clients’ demands, and we can resolve problems much more quickly by telephone thanks to the quality images that we send them”, concludes Patrick Lavara.

Another client case?

Bazarchic’s video review.

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