Une forte cohérence visuelle avec PackshotCreator

A strong visual consistency with PackshotCreator

An internationally recognized eyewear manufacturer, Morel founds its success on its brand identity and on a strong communicational consistency.  For two years now, the company relies on the performance of the digital creation studio PackshotCreator Mini 3D in order to create its product visuals.  An innovative use which meets two requirements: responsiveness and autonomy, for a fully controlled communication.

Changing one’s communication tools

Morel, an international eyewear manufacturer, sees itself as a familial brand continuing a long tradition of optical manufacturing.  The notoriety of the brand is based on the coherence and differentiation of its communication.  Wishing to fully integrate the product visuals creation process, the company equipped itself with a PackshotCreator digital creation studio.  “We previously used an external service provider, but we had image transmission problems and our charter wasn’t always respected.  Today, we completely control the visual creation chain”, declares Amélie Martin, head of communications for Morel.

From advertising campaign to ambient image

An acquisition also responding to the desire to display its products on all media (web, print, etc.): “We use our PackshotCreator photo studio almost every day.  It enables us to produce all of our product photos published on our website as in our paper catalogues, and proves to be effective for our advertising campaigns and ambient images destined for our press kits” explains Amélie Martin, originally behind the acquisition of the PackshotCreator digital creation studio.
PackshotCreator is now at the heart of all communications operations at Morel.

“We want to rely on perfect visuals”

Two prevalent objectives with intensive use of this automated system for 360° animation or product photo productions: to conquer new markets and earn customer loyalty.  An approach for which the visual results offered by PackshotCreator is essential.  “Our needs in qualitative product photos are significant.  We want to rely on perfect visuals, all while being very responsive in our communication since the lifecycle of products in the fashion world is indeed very short”, adds Amélie Martin.  Carrying out nearly 70% of its commercial business abroad, Morel makes the coherence and unity of its communication a priority.  A strategy which justifies its digital object visuals creation studio, whose lighting conditions offer a homogenous and standardized result regardless of the intended visual type.

2,100 shot references

“Beyond the visuals quality and optimal lighting conditions, PackshotCreator provides us with a real consistency regarding shooting angles.  All of our photos are taken from the same angle, be it for web or paper use”, continues Amélie Martin.  The product charter defined by the communications teams at Morel stipulate the capture of glasses at a three-quarter angle.  An object position make possible by the optimized architecture of the light box equipping the PackshotCreator.  So far, nearly 2,100 references have been shot using the studio.  Considering the overview of photos and animations produced during these last two years of use, the Morel teams have found a perfect uniformity of visual results provided by PackshotCreator.  All of the product catalogues – both web and print format – published during the period have benefitted from uniform images.

A major advantage

The set of series being in harmony, all of the object visuals already created were thus able to be used for the launch of new catalogues.  With one major advantage: not having to photograph a second time products that were already shot.  In addition to its brand communication, Morel was able to take full advantage of PackshotCreator features.  This solution is also sought after for quality control operations within the Design Center.  “Departments as varied as collection development and press relations use the photo creation studio on a daily basis”, says Amélie Martin.  Around fifteen collaborators (designers, communications officers, etc.) now have access to this technology for digital visual creation, “without ever having been specifically trained”, she concludes.

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