Second Hand Packshot Photo Studios

An alternative to a new Packshot photo studio

In addition to providing new Orbitvu photo studios, we also offer a selection of PackshotCreator refurbished products. These systems have been used at tradeshows, for demonstrations and by our customers. We fully test all products before they are offered. These units are in excellent condition but can no longer be sold as new.

As a result – you save!


replacement offer
icone euro
icone sale -50% discount
icone pen Warranty : 12 months
icone diamant Condition :

MaestroBot Start

demo unit
icone euro 3.192 € 9.980 €
icone sale -60% discount
icone pen Warranty : 12 months
icone diamant Condition : Very good
Multi-arm to place two cameras at different angles, in order to create multi-views of your products very quickly. You can also compose hemispherical or spherical animations with two rows thanks to the software. (cameras not included)


What is a Packshot Photo Studio?

A Packshot Photo studio is controlled by a software and helps anyone to take pictures of products on a pure white or a transparent background, inhouse.

How are photo studios refurbished?

A battery of tests is carried out on each photo studio in order to propose photo studios in an almost perfect state, software and drivers being obviously updated.

What is the guarantee of a reconditioned Packshot studio?

The warranty is the same as for a new Packshot studio, i.e. one year. (except specific cases)

Can I test the Packshot before buying it?

During an online or on-site demonstration, you will have the opportunity to discover how a Packshot studio works and also to take it in hand.

Why should I not use the pictures of my suppliers?

Photos from different suppliers are taken in different ways and will create a noticeable lack of homogeneity across all products.

How many pictures should I do to make my purchase profitable?

It can be profitable from the very first picture. A photo on a transparent background is created and published in less than a minute with a Packshot box.

If I am not satisfied, can I return it?

To test it is to adopt it! Come and meet us at the showroom or online to discover Packshot photo studios.

What is the difference between Packshot 2D, 360 and 3D?

A Packshot 2D is a simple photo, a 360° is a multi-view or an animation from one angle and a 3D Packshot is the same as 360° but with different angles.

What does represent the price with a discount?

This price has been calculated according to the condition of the photo studio and how long it has been used. It does not include the shipping fees.