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PackshotOnboarding – Digital product photography consulting

Our Consulting expertise: a tried and tested method to implement, support, and optimize your visual production flows.

A digital product photography consulting
To create and/or optimize your visual production flows

Your project necessitates a large number of images in multi-view, 360°, or in interactive 3D? You wish to acquire a method to organize, improve, accelerate, and streamline the production of your product visuals?

  • Digital product photography consulting suggests the implementation of a customized action plan designed to create and/or optimize your visual production flows. The action plan unravels in your facilities and remotely from the start to the realization of your project (with all the necessary collaborative tools such as desktop sharing). Whether you possess a PackshotCreator automated photo studio or not, we offer you a personalized action plan for its implementation as well as a production method suitable to the carrying-out of your needs.
  • Over time, this action plan organizes an orientation diagram for your production. It spans from the functional to the operational, in order to increase your production efficiency. We also provide you with all the tools and methods in order for you to organize your production and render homogeneous visuals, from the logistics to its the integration.

For businesses of all sizes

  • PackshotOnboarding is designed for anyone who wishes to learn how to develop, control, or optimize the visual production flows, be it for their automated photo studio or for their business.
  • Our experts have mastered the fundamentals and the particularities of numerous brands and equipment.
  • Our activity has thus given us the opportunity to accompany more than 7,000 companies over 15 years and to provide expert responses, proper to each profession/business sector.

How to go from physical to digital stock of images?

We define with you the stages and the timings necessary to attain the objective that we will have determined together, all while respecting a high-quality production standard and homogeneous visuals.

  • Our action plan resides in the implementation of a photographic workflow: this is a logical and rational continuation of tasks and workings. They are performed by individuals and tools, from the logistical arrival of the product in a photo studio up until the use of the obtained visual.
  • It provides a coherent overview, rationalizing all tasks to be accomplished in order to be as productive and cost-effective as possible.
  • The realization of a personalized and descriptive technical guide of the stages to perform in order to transform a physical stock into a digital one is then established.

Our expertise: a tested and proven method

In the space of 15 years, there have been thousands of cases analyzed. You would benefit from our unique expertise to respond to your needs in terms of organization and productivity.

  • Auditing leads to a rise of recommendations in terms of objectives, schedules, timing, and costs, with all of it being summarized in a practical guide for personalized shootings.
  • From theory to practice, the implementation of this practical guide and of the workflow will rationalize all the tasks to be accomplished in order to attain the fixed objective during the audit: how to organize then manage the samples, product preparation, their installation, the optimization of photo studio settings, photos, the post-production of images and the integration of visuals in your catalogue, your e-commerce site, or any other medium.
  • Our production monitoring analyzes the key performance indicators (KPI) of your visual production flows. This step, following the delivery of services, will enable the implementation of an improved action plan for following shooting sessions.
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