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PackshotUniversity – Invest in human skills with our training programs and modules in object photography. Become the photograph of your products.

Become an expert in your area

PackshotUniversity offers a complete set of Packshot training programs in photo production and object animations in all business industries. Our 15 years of experience, and know-how provide you with the means to become an expert in your area of expertise. Be it qualifying, in-depth, modular or customized training, each has been thought out globally to provide you with the means necessary to produce your own visuals depending upon the type of product that you wish to highlight.

For whom?

Our Packshot training programs are aimed at businesses desiring to train their collaborators for object studio shoots. We also train them on workflow management in product photography.

Together we carry out a personalized interview in order to determine your level of technical and photographic expertise, as well as the needs relative to your project. Our offer to you is thus the most adequate!

A catalogue of Packshot training programs in unique objects photography

  • The objectives to be achieved, and the training program in order to achieve them, are determined upstream.
  • Nearly 50 training programs, modules, and customized packages, englobing all business sectors of object photography.
  • Granting of a certificate certifying the acquired knowledge at the end of the training program.
  • Our trainers are professional recognized Packshot photographers and have teaching experience.
  • Each training program includes a theoretical, industry-specific part as well as a practical part with evaluations and simulation workshops with the professional studio material.
  • Personalized post-training follow-up within the 30 days following the training program.

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