Shoes: the unmissable e-business sector, boosted with PackshotCreator

The online shoe market is considered as a booming sector that is counting today several pure-players (such as Zalando or Zappos) as well as physical shops launching their own e-shop.

How to give the best visual experience for online customers?

Online sales represents 11% of the shoe market in value; French people are in fact the biggest buyers in Europe just behind the USA: about 5.7 pairs are bought per year, representing a customer portfolio of about 330€ per households every year.

automated photo studios for footwear photography

Customer’s fears concerning the size, comfort and aspect of the shoes are less and less an issue today

Online retailers have found more and more arguments and services that really bring advantages compared to an experience in store: detailed images of shoes, 360° products animations and 3D views, and even interactive interfaces to select sizes (like Univers Running’s Shoefitr tool), fast delivery and free return policy for some websites, etc. All of this in order to facilitate the buying process.

How to create a 360° of shoe with PackshotCreator ?

creating a 360 shoes animation with automask

Product 360 animation process

The ultimate shopping experience

Thus, high quality product visuals are an obligatory step to give shoppers the ultimate shopping experience. Online retailers have to offer:

This is why PackshotCreator offer innovative automatized acquisition system of product photography creation. These solutions are very easy to use.

All it takes to 5 minutes to do an instant snapshot & animation technology:

  1. Place you product inside the PackshotCreator
  2. Preview the item in real-time on your screen.
  3. Create pictures, 360 animations of a product in a few clicks!
    ombre naturelle photographie produit détourage

A connected photo studio

Our brand new PackshotCreator product photography software suite is at the core of our technologies. The software is connected to the PackshotCreator equipment and ensures image editing features: automatic background removal (for transparent PNG creation), focus stacking in a few clicks.

The main goal is to create images and animations, one-click, masking, enriching animations, e-commerce publishing… very quickly. All this communication tools are going to benefit to the shoppers.

Become the photographer of your products

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