PackshotCreator product photography software:
bring your products to life

Your experience in product photography begins with PackshotCreator photo studios and software
  Place your products, preview and control intuitively from your screen each step of the shooting: still photos, multi-angles, 360° or 3D product animations. Bring your content to life, automate your workflows with ease. Enjoy more than 100 features, including 26 new and unique features in the product photography. Setting up the camera(s), product positioning, lighting settings, automatic background removal, editing and final export of your visuals: the entire process is fully controlled. With this complete product photography software, combined to our photo studios, there is no need to use a third-party program!

Be productive

In business, every minute counts. Discover the key features designed to save you precious time and speed up your photo shoots. Intuitive and automatic capture, multi-product capture or even savable and re-applicable product profiles: use these powerful tools to save valuable time at each step of your workflow.

Be creative

Customize your visuals and stand out from the competition: PackshotCreator software offers you many features to show your creativity. Give relief to your 2D photos by using a drop shadow, add the background of your choice to your visuals, make your 360° product animations interactive by customizing their presentation… The possibilities are endless!

In the simplest way

The PackshotCreator software allows any user, even non-professionals, to intuitively produce a large daily quantity of visuals: 2D pictures, multi-angle photos, 360° animations or spherical and hemispherical 3D animations. View each step of the workflow live from your screen with the LiveView, save profiles and reapply all the settings saved to an object range (device settings, product position, lighting, etc.).

Journal des versions

  • V V1.0.13.226 - 2021-03-02
    1. Optimized the HTML hint display for Hotspots viewed on mobile devices
    Fixed Issue
    1. Fixed a Thumbnail image display issue where the image only being displayed intermittently
    2. Fixed a Save As bug in Editing where an error message (copy file error) would be displayed
    3. Fixed a Laser Centering ON/OFF issue in Positioning
  • V V1.0.13.223 - 2020-12-11
    1. The software will remember the latest status of the guide in Preview
    Fixed Issue
    1. Fixed a Focus Stacking bug that caused the workflow to fail when using QuickShot with High Resolution Photo option
    2. Fixed an Add Margin bug that caused the image to become monochrome
    3. Fixed an Editing issue that caused the AutoMask shadow was not displayed after Undo All
    4. Fixed a Undo bug in Editing
    5. Fixed a Hotspot bug that caused the image was the same in each spot
  • V V1.0.13.221 - 2020-11-26
    1. The Spherical will create an Afterimage automatically when changed to the southern hemisphere
    Fixed Issue
    1. Fixed a login issue for Mac Big Sur.
    2. Fixed a LiveZoom initialize issue that caused software to crash sometimes.
    3. Fixed an Add Margin bug that caused the settings can’t be applied.
    4. Fixed an AutoMask Shadow issue in Editing that cause the output is not correct.
  • V V1.0.13.220 - 2020-11-17
    New Features
    1. Added 350 and 600 DPI for Save As Option
    2. Added Product Centering Workflow
    1. Modified the Grid Display in Preview
    2. Optimized XYZPod Control Panel
    3. Optimized AutoMask Feature for Transparent Products
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