“The influence of PackshotCreator shines through in all our visual communication”

For Macintosh Fashion Belux, the increase in workflow is an important added value created by PackshotCreator.

A turntable to produce 360 animations

For each product, Macintosh needs 6 different pictures at exactly the same angle. Using the turntable of the PackshotCreator Business 360, for a few years now, in combination with the powerful software, this process is very efficient and fully automated.

For the fashion branch, it is vital that the colors of the product are presented in visuals exactly as they are. Macintosh uses the homogeneous lighting system to shoot pictures and animations that are realistic. When needed, the PackshotCreator offers retouching tools to refine the pictures and this is also employed by Macintosh to give their potential clients the product-presentation they are looking for.

“We use the visuals for all the different formats within our promotional strategy. The influence of PackshotCreator shines through in all our visual communication including Facebook, on our websites and web shops, but also on posters and billboards.”

Katleen Waterplas, Photographer for Macintosh Fashion Belux

Become the photographer of your products

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