still photography of ballet shoes

“The photos are a real lever of sales” is a website specialized in dance shoes for dancesport, latin dance, salsa, tango, etc. The online shop uses PackshotCreator in-house photo systems.

A 360° in-house photo studio

To create the photography of all the products published on its website,’s team is using a PackshotCreator X2. Even 360 degree animations of selected items are made by the solution.

”We have reduced the number of claims”

“We bought a PackshotCreator X2 basically in a cost reduction strategy and in order to enhance the Internet user’s confidence by displaying high quality products photography. As we often renew our range and as the shoes are customizable, we need to create these product photos and animations as fast and flexible as possible. Having at our disposal a mini photo studio allows us to avoid all the costs related to a professional photographer, which is too expansive for such a small structure as ours, and allow us also to save time by reducing the numerous exchanges with him.
The pictures and animations that we are easily doing with our equipment are way better than the different previous photo suppliers.
The rendering and the quality are constant and homogeneous in terms of color, texture, material.
Besides, we have noticed that the quality of the details displayed on our online shop increases our Internet users’ satisfaction and has even reduced the number of claims received by our customer service.
The photos are a real lever of sales and our PackshotCreator X2 allows us to activate this lever.”

Baptiste KECH, Founder of and


Become the photographer of your products

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