The timeless Jumbo games and toys lightened up by PackshotCreator

The Royal Jumbo Group is a manufacturer and distributer of games, puzzles and Toys. The company is based in Zaandam, the Netherlands with a worldwide reach. It was founded in 1853, has licensed and distributed many classics including Stratego, which has sold over 40 million copies worldwide.

How to improve products online presentation?

Recently, Jumbo has updated their website to improve the online product presentation of the company and all its different products and relied on the PackshotAlto L for the photographic content.

The PackshotAlto range is specifically developed for large and heavy products up to 180 cm and 100 kg that can be photographed in our renowned light-box system. For Jumbo it means that they are able to shoot different sizes of board games in their PackshotCreator system.

The motivation for acquiring a PackshotCreator system was to save costs in the long term and to be able to work more reactively.

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”The visuals are now instantly available when needed”

The visuals that Jumbo needs to optimally present the toys and games are visuals with a homogeneous lighting and shot at an angle to show depth in the picture. Not only can these easily be made with PackshotCreator due to the dimmable backlight, the Alto L also allows for a simple transition to PNG-files.

Furthermore Jumbo feels that, once they had familiarized themselves with the product photo system, making product photos is an easy process that does not require a photography background.

“The visuals are now instantly available when needed. Once the need arises for a visual, for instance with a new reference, it can directly be processed using PackshotCreators efficient software-driven solution.”

Ms. Mascha Rood, Marketing Department

See examples of toys visuals realized with PackshotCreator photo studios

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