The way to professional photography for Eurotronic Products GmbH

The German company Eurotronic Product GmbH is specialized in the development of smart solutions in the sector of PC-electronics. The firm sells its products online to its business partners.

Eurotronic and PackshotCreator : the same philosophy

The philosophy of the firm is focused on the customer’s satisfaction. Therefore the company sells high-quality products such as mobile phone batteries, accessories or digital camera batteries at competitive prices.

webpage of an online electronic store

In this context the firm has decided to make its eshop more attractive with multi-views pictures. The purpose was also to find a way to improve productivity and the quality of the product presentation online.

Since the acquisition of the PackshotCreator R3, Ms Eulenstein testifies as a designer on her daily experience with this solution: before using the PackshotCreator solution, the product photography was unprofessional: the light, the background and the rendering of the pictures were not mastered.

How to create quickly high quality products photos ?

The PackshotCreator is the solution for creating quickly high-quality product photography as well as interactive 360 animations on a white background. The equipment is fully automatized so that the software and the equipment are really easy to handle. Therefore the designer has adopted the solution very quickly! Several useful features such as the immediate insertion of the logo watermark on the picture, the possibility to save pictures in many file formats, the useful image editing interface as well as the optimal light system make the designer’s work much more easier!

Ms. I. Eulenstein, designer, Eurotronic Products GmbH.

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