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A renewed offer

In parallel with the launch of new innovations in product photography, PackshotCreator has fully redesigned its Consulting and Training division. The result of these years of reflection: the new offers PackshotOnboarding, PackshotFacilitymanagement and PackshotUniversity, consulting, a new department, and specialized training programs.

Become the photographer of your products

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Artwork product photography with PackshotCreator 360 photo studio

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An automated photo studio to create animations of small art pieces

Animating 200 pieces of about ten different materials, assembled on a disc no larger than a watch dial: this is the challenge that photographer Eric Valdenaire took up for his client. The use of one of the latest PackshotCreator automated photo studios was a decisive factor in the success of these shots. They were then […]

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    15 years of partnership and more than a hundred million visuals created

    How to simplify the production of more than a hundred million photos and 360° or 3D animations of products every year? PackshotCreator and Ortery are two pioneers in product photography. They are celebrating 15 years of technological partnership, dedicated to finding an even more effective response to the question that thrives e-merchants, Research & development, […]

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      PackshotCreator will be in Cologne for 4 days!

      The international photography exhibition Photokina takes place at Cologne twice a year. This edition already provides a lot of announcements with especially the presentation of 24×36 hybrids from Canon and Nikon. This year is the opportunity for PackshotCreator to introduce a big part of its innovations, launched in 2018. From next Wednesday, 26 of September, […]