A renewed offer

In parallel with the launch of new innovations in product photography, PackshotCreator has fully redesigned its Consulting and Training division. The result of these years of reflection: the new offers PackshotOnboarding, PackshotFacilitymanagement and PackshotUniversity, consulting, a new department, and specialized training programs.

Become the photographer of your products

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    Ring photography: the traditional technique VS PackshotCreator technology

    4 February 2020

    Ring photography is, by definition, one of the most complicated of the jewelry industry. In order to take a picture of the entire item, it is necessary to make it stand up, not laid down. The ancestral technique of photographers consists in tinkering, gluing the ring and then editing at length each visual created. PackshotCreator […]

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      Using 360° product photography for marketplaces such as Amazon

      28 January 2020

      Amazon is the last online sales platform to allow its sellers to add 360-degree animations of their products. “From luxury jewellery brands to car manufacturers, online retailers are taking advantage of the potential of 360-degree visuals,” Forbes magazine said. The goal of the e-commerce giant is to increase their conversion rate, thanks to enriched visuals. […]