Why does the PackshotCreator photo studios have a door?

Why PackshotCreator photo studios have a door? Some of you have asked this question, here is our answer.

Not just for looking nice…

Each picture made ​​with or without a door gives a different result and there is no wrong way to shoot an object. It all depends on what you want to show. But in order to have a choice, it’s better to have a door …

PackshotCreator studios doors have not been put there for the sake of looking nice but truly because they bring specificity to the product which answers to a need.

When you want to take a top view picture of a product with PackshotCreator solutions, several renderings are possible:


PackshotCreator photo studios : open door

photography of a toy with the photo machine's door open

You can first take your top view product picture with the door open.

You get a high-contrasted result, darker colors and a well-marked outline.

Closed door

photo of a toy with the photo machine's door closed

Unllike the first possibility the second one would be to shoot a top view picture with the door closed.

In this case, the light is homogeneously spread on the product as it bounces off all sides of the light box, lighting every corner of the object and eliminating reflections on the front.

illustration of the inside of a PackshotCreator photo machine


The aluminum door therefore guarantees optimal homogeneity of the light. The treatment of ionized aluminum walls and door of PackshotCreator’s photo studios range is specifically designed to improve internal light spreading.


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