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Product photos are widely used in catalogs and the internet. The advertising aspects of such works reduce the enthusiasm of photographers who aspire for more creativity. However, taking photos of everyday objects or consumables to put them into value is by itself an art. This requires a great technical ease with photography: be able to play with the transparency and volume of the object.

But it is the fact of working in a closed-environment with lifeless objects that repels professional photographers. They described this activity as a way to simultaneously express their creativity.

However for a few years, product photography has evolved. It is all thanks to a series of calendar which appeared at the start of the decade to which we have this new status and artistic recognition. Remember those pages which comprised of various spices, various vegetables among others. Those photos consisted of a white background.

Alan Marsh, a British photographer, had accepted to exhibit his workings at the beginning of the year in France at the famous Café Photo which is organized every month by Pierre Magne of Roubaix.

It is a high profile place where persons related with photography meet in northern France which is near Belgium and the motto is “No Segmentation”.


alan marsh camera

Be it amateur or professionals, photographers, models, agents, artistic directors, student photographers, editors, stylist; everyone is the most welcome. There are many people who respond to this invitation as an average of 150 persons visits Café Photo monthly.

At the Café Photo last year, we were able to enjoy the photos of Alan Marsh who oriented his photography towards culinary.

As a child, his mother used to tell him not to play with foodstuff. Growing as a teenager, he was already passionate with photography and now, he has made a profession out of it. On top of doing homeland exhibitions, Alan Marsh works for clients linked with foodstuffs and drinks, for example the British supermarket Marks & Spencer. He also illustrated recipes books and culinary magazines and recently diversified throughout the world in fashion and jewelry.

And when we look at his product photos, we can only think of them as pieces of art.

Source: Le blog 2 Roubaix

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