How to create product animations with 360 background removal

360 background removal of product animations

With the 360 background removal, automatically remove the background of your animations in one or two steps, depending on their specificities. Integrate them in a photomontage or a personalized background: the time saving is incomparable.

Easily knockout the background of product animations

With Orbitvu Station’s software you are able to create 360 animations of products and automatically remove its background. The whole process can be done in one or two steps.

During the creation of the animation with 360 background removal: the Orbitvu Station‘s software smartly detects and automatically separates the product from its background. You are able to export the image files to a transparent background (PNG file). You can also directly apply a white background by saving your animation in a JPEG file.


How to create a 360 background removal product animations:

1. Place your product
2.  Choose 360 animation with IQ Mask activated as the capture mode
4. Make any lighting adjustments if necessary
5. Click Capture
6. The software automatically creates an 360 animation with 360 background removal
7. Retake if one of the picture is not perfect
8. Save your file


Why to remove the background of a 360° product animation?

In order to be more creative in the presentation of your product and turn it in a different environment than a white background, you will have to remove the background of the photos. See how to do it

How to automatically remove the background of a 360° product animation?

To easily showcase your products in 360° on a white background, the easiest way will be to remove the background of the photos. Discover how to do it automatically?