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Simultaneous 360° products videos & animations with Sampling feature

add background to a png file A two-in-one 360° animation

Create a 360° animation in the most fast and productive way. The software sampling feature allows you to capture a 360° video of your product and it takes out a specific number of individual frames in order to create a 360° animation in HTML5 format. Video Sampling was smartly created to save your time!

Acelerate your visual production

The Video Sampling feature allows you to capture a 360° product video. To create it, choose the spin range and the number of images desired for your animation. Then click Snap. The software realize the video and then takes out and assembles each individual frames. Get an HTML5 animation in a few seconds!

How to create an animation with Video Sampling?

Control the production straight from the software and visualize the results in real time:

1. Place your product
2. Choose 360° Video Sampling as the Capture Mode
3. Choose the Spin Range and Number of Images for your animation
4. Make any pre-adjustments necessary
5. Press Record
6. Preview your animation
7. Save