Online product photography: hit the ground running in 2018

To cap off a year filled with innovations, PackshotCreator is announcing an exceptional trade-in offer. The leading brand in product photography will take your old studio box and replace it with a flagship product, the PackshotCreator R3 M, operated by the latest generation PackshotCreator software. Here’s a recap of the innovations we launched in 2017… […]



How to avoid blurry product photographs

In still photography, a number of problems with your camera settings can cause blurring. Blur can also be caused by a stabilizing issue or inaccurate adjustments. How do you solve the problem, and which macrophotography techniques can you use to obtain perfectly sharp results with flawless acutance?


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E-commerce: the 4 reasons you should producing your own visuals

In e-commerce, producing your own visuals lets you take control of your communications. Whether converting visitor interest to sales or adapting to the latest trends, here are the points to consider.  1- Turn intention into online sales One of the ways you can master sensory marketing is by giving consumers the power to see and […]



How to photograph jewelry for e-commerce

Photographing jewelry for your online store can be a challenge if you don’t ask the right questions at the start. How do you produce both high quality results and a uniform display of your jewelry designs?

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What’s the return on investment on an in-house photo studio?

Any plan to bring photo production in-house should follow a clear primary objective: getting a return on investment.  What are the short-term and long-term advantages of acquiring an in-house solution for image production?