Boost your conversion rate: 4 mistakes to avoid

Photos represent the first factor prompting a purchase from online consumers, followed by visuals technical details and product descriptions, then by online client reviews.

Products visuals : the first factor prompting a purchase

By contrast, let’s now take a few moments to review a few of the factors discouraging web users from buying on an e-commerce website. Photos represent the first factor prompting a purchase from online consumers, followed by technical details and product descriptions, then by online client reviews.

In-house automated photo studio MaestroBot R

It is therefore no surprise that the absence of product visuals and poor-quality photos stand atop the podium of the 3 first factors discouraging web users from buying on an e-commerce site.

Here are a few subtle traps to avoid.

The absence of a visual chart

Just as you use a graphic chart, put in place a visual chart.The visual chart enables you to avoid common mistakes such as a draft site or a complicated navigation.

Define the rules that you will apply in order to create a visual unity for the whole of your website or catalogue. Aim for coherence and simplicity in order to showcase your product with a few key principles:

  • a homogeneous and identical light source
  • sober, homogeneous, and identical backgrounds
  • identical focal lengths on identical types of visuals
  • a single type of framing
  • homogeneous touch-ups
  • perfect alignments
  • a graphic consistency for the size of visuals, trimming


Image size

The image quality, the possibility of having multiple views, product enhancement via 3D, zoom, 360°, are all fundamental elements.  So pay close attention to the size of your images and optimize it for each file in order to avoid slowing the display time of your product pages.  Favor:

  • JPEG format for your simple photographs
  • PNG format for playing with transparency effects

Use HTML5 animations for your:

  • photos with magnifying glass, dynamic zoom, annotations, etc.
  • 360° rotations
  • 3D animations
  • animated multi-view presentations in 360 or 3D

Example of 3D modelling

Misleading photos

Avoid as much as possible choosing for your photos product illustrations which would not perfectly correspond to what your client is going to discover upon opening his/her package.

Multiply the shots, propose as many as you can.  This enables you to present different options, colors, etc.

Furthermore, indications such as “non-contractual photo” below your images are counterproductive, as they do not gain the trust of your client!

An inadequate product description

Promote detailed product descriptions. This description must be in perfect correspondence with the visuals that illustrate it.

The visual/text complementarity is an important deciding factor, so your product visuals need to perfectly illustrate the descriptive content of each of your items.

The highlighting of your products through images will thus make complete sense.  And you will thus limit the number of product returns and unsatisfied customers.

In conclusion, keep it simple, clear, and coherent…in other words, keep it legible

and to better understand the purchase experiences of the web users and the role that visuals play, read our computer graphics.

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