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The beginning

As early as 2003, Sysnext recognized product photography as an important milestone in the booming world of e-commerce.
Together, they anticipated the needs of the future and designed the first software-driven photo studio: the PackshotCreator.

In almost two decades, the partnership has intensified, and by simplifying complex tasks, thousands of photo studios have been marketed, thus democratizing product photography.

Simply make great photos

of all your products

Our Packshot photo studios, driven by software, are conceived to let you create, effortlessly, efficient visuals for your e-shop, marketplaces and communication mediums. In-house.

automated photo studio inhouse

Focus on simplicity

Place, preview, create

From the tips of your fingers, on your computer screen or your tablet, adjust the camera settings, modulate the lighting, snap and save your pictures in multiple formats. Without having to move and while keeping the product in sight.

Orbitvu photo studios are fully supported by PC and Mac OS, and are compatible with a wide range of Canon and Nikon cameras.

When productivity goes hand in hand with quality

Create in a few seconds a series of ultra-detailed photos, 360° animations, videos or spherical animations, background removed or on a pure white background..

The multiple doors help you to easily adjust the product positioning, to insert and to replace them quickly, in order to increase your visual production

Profitable from the first shooting

Incredible time-saving, better reactivity, controlled budget.
Acquiring one of our sophisticated photo studios is synonymous to a fast return on investment.

Your visuals are directly useable on a website, for printing
or for your internal or external communication.

Our story

PackshotCreator, it’s 18 years of creation, design, development, support and no less than 13 software versions.
Today, our range includes more than 30 photo studios, automation systems and 360 product photography turntables.

20 04

First software-controlled photo studio

Thanks to the connected mode (tethering), it is the first Packshot system that simplifies product photography. It was complemented 18 months later by the PackshotCreator Mini, the first compact connected photo studio.

20 06

First software-synchronized turntable

Revolutionary, the PackshotSpin O3T turntable, equipped with a sequential control system, has enabled thousands of businesses to access e-commerce and promote their products from all angles.

20 10

First 3D modeling and automation system

Compatible with WebGL and HTML5, using advanced photogrammetry algorithms, MaestroBot 3D was the answer to creating 3D animations and meshes.

20 11

PackshotCreator R3, a combination of technologies

Featuring technologies such as dimmable lighting, a cyclo background and an integrated, bottom lit turntable, the PackshotCreator R3 is the 360 photo studio that has pushed the limits of productivity and enabled the publication of enriched visuals and content.

20 12

First Packshot studio dedicated to HBJO industries

Seven dimmable light sources, bottom lit turntable, ultra-compact format and automation software, are the features that have conquered the jewelry industry and made the PackshotMacro R a success.

20 13

First photo studio dedicated to fashion and textiles

The LuminaPad is a backlit photo table that allows you to photograph textiles, clothes, shoes, fashion accessories, and more, flat on a white background.

20 14

PackshotSphere X5: ultra-automation

This 3D system composed of 5 cameras, positioned at different angles, allows to capture 3600 views of a product in less than 30 minutes.

20 16

Creation of the training center

PackshotCreator training services have enabled thousands of companies to improve their human and technical efficiency in the production of product visuals.

20 18

First and unique dual color temperature lighting

Dedicated to jewelry and gemstones photography, the Dual Lighting allows you to easily illuminate and preserve the true colors of stones in warm or cold tones.

20 19


Three complementary technologies make up this modern studio: lighting, control box and software. The entire production process of your photos combines speed, simplicity and savings.

20 20

Expansion of the HBJO range

By bringing together innovative suction and suspension technologies, the PackshotMacro range, dedicated to professionals in the jewelry industry, now includes 6 systems designed for the sector.

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