shoot your products quickly and then directly export your visuals to your website

Control your product shot angles with Custom Defined feature

Product shot angles: Minimum product manipulation

The Custom Defined feature allows you to program upstream your product shot angles in which you want to present your product. Once the views have been selected and saved to a profile located in the software interface, you can reapply them for the same product line.

Select your favorite product shot angles and automate your shooting

Simply select the angles you wish to display your product and click Snap from the software to trigger the shooting.

When using a 360° turntable, the turntable will position itself on the desired product shot angles and shoot. If you are shooting with multiple cameras, the Custom Defined can be used to create a repeatable shooting sequence that automatically captures images from several angles.


select product shot angles in advance

How to set up your product shot angles:

The Custom Defined feature permits you to control multi-angles shooting, avoiding the manipulation of the product when positioned:

1. Place your product
2. Choose Custom Defined as the Capture Mode
3. Click Custom Defined Settings
4. The Settings window will instantly appears on your screen
5. Click Add Camera to add
6. Select the Spin Degree and Shooting mode as wished for each camera
7. Save your settings profile for future uses
8. Click Snap
9. Repeat the process on similar products by reusing the saved settings: no need to manipulate it, all is set up and controlled by the software


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