Control your product shot angles with Multi View feature

Don’t touch your products anymore!

The Multi-View Control function allows you to program several shooting angles. Choose the points of view for your product presentation. Once these points of view have been selected and saved in the software interface, re-apply them to a range of similar products!

Select your favorite product shot angles and automate your shooting

Select the angles from which you want to present your product. Click Capture from your control screen. The software starts shooting.

When you use a 360° turntable, it positions itself at the programmed shooting angles and the camera triggers. If you use several cameras, the Multi-View Control function creates shooting sequences by stored products. Multi-angle shooting of these sequences is automatically initiated by the software when you select the stored product profile.

select product shot angles in advance

How to set up your product shot angles:

The Multi-View function gives you total control over multi-angle shooting of your products and eliminates the need to handle them once they have been positioned in the studio.

1. Place your product
2. Choose PHOTO shooting mode
3. Select rotation degrees
4. Click Capture
5. Save your settings to a profile for future uses
6. Repeat the process on similar products, reusing the previously saved settings: no more need to manipulate your objects, everything is configured and controlled by the software


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