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How to add shape to your product photos with the Drop Shadow feature

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add background to a png file Add shape to your products photograph

The Drop Shadow can be used after shooting your products with one of our advanced features: AutoMask, AutoPNG or AutoBKG. The software allows you to add and adjust a drop shadow.

Give a more sophisticated look to your photos by adjusting and giving directions to your products shadows.

Give a boost to 2D photos of your products 

Photograph your products and give them a more sophisticated and realistic look using the Drop Shadow feature. This unique feature permits you to add a cast shadow that will take directly your product’s shape. Adjust afterwards its length and opacity according to your needs.

Thanks to our complex software, the entire customization can be done in few steps and immediately after the shooting. No more loosing time sending your visuals to a 3rd party program.




How to apply Drop Shadow to your photos

After shooting your products with a Background Removal feature, under the View interface:

1. Select the image(s) you want to add shadow
2. Press Edit
3. Click Drop Shadow
4. Customize it
5. Press Apply and Save your file(s)