Natural Shadow feature

A real Natural Shadow for your visuals

The Natural Shadow function is used when shooting your products at the same time as clipping. The software allows you to photograph and then adjust a true natural shadow under your products.

Give a boost to 2D photos of your products

Photograph your products and make them look more real and refined using the Natural Shadow feature. This function allows you to photograph and then adjust a real natural shadow, such as that present under the sole of a shoe.

Thanks to the software, this customization process is carried out in a few steps immediately during the shooting. No more wasted time using third-party software!



How to apply Natural Shadow to your photos

Before shooting your products with clipping, from the live viewing interface:

1. In photo mode, activate IQ Mask and Shadow functions
2. Click Capture
3. Your product and its natural cut-out drop shadow are instantly displayed
4. Customize your shadow settings
5. Validate your changes and publish your file(s)!


How to create a drop shadow on a product photograph?

A drop shadow makes the product being photographed look more composed. Learn more.