How to create a 360° diamond sparkle view with PackshotMacro DIS?

Sparkle refers to the intense shine of a diamond when it moves under light. It is, indeed, the first word that frequently comes into mind when diamonds are mentioned. Not only that, but is also the characteristic that most influences the diamond buying decision. This dynamic effect can only be seen when there is movement among the diamond, the light and the viewer. That is why is important to create visuals with motion that will display this beautiful and indispensable phenomenon.


Loose Diamond Kit


PackshotMacro DIS
Canon EOS 6D Mark II
100mm Macro Lens


7 minutes
  • 1. Loose Diamond kit supplies
    loose diamond kit supplies to create 360 sparkle view

    Here are the supplies from your Loose Diamond Kit, available with the PackshotMacro DIS photo studio, that you are going to use for this tutorial:


    1- 6 mirror matrixes (1 for back light panel, 2 for front doors, 2 for side doors, and 1 for front center

    2- 2 black square matrixes (to cover the side doors matrixes)

    3- 4 sparkle light panels

    4- Metal turntable

    5- 2 black turntable plates (with different diameter center holes)

    6- Lens loop

    7- Loop platform

    8- Hood

    9- Tweezers


  • 2. Build your Loose Diamond Kit
    how to set up your studio for 360° diamond sparkle view
    • Insert the mirror matrixes on the back, front and side doors (photo 1)
    • Insert the 4 sparkle light panels into the clear acrylic sockets located in the front of the studio (photo 2)
    • Place the metal turntable platform in the center of the studio, making sure that the support locks it. Then, place the black turntable plate on top of the turntable platform (photo 3)
    • Insert the small mirror matrix, with the Velcro side down, in the opening part in front of the studio (photo 4)
    • Position the loop platform on top of the small mirror matrix and then place the lens loop on the top of this platform (photo 5)
    • Place the hood in the same position as picture 6, so it overheads the diamond
  • 3. Configure your studio
    how to apply a quickshot mode on packshotcreator software

    To create a 360° diamond sparkle view, a quick capturing mode needs to be applied. On the software, click on options > workflow and select apply QuickShot mode. Next, set your capture mode as 360.

  • 4. Position your diamond
    placing diamond in PackshotMacro DIS studio with air suction

    Before placing your diamond in the studio:

    • Click on turntable controls and turn ON the air suction mode
    • Clean your diamond using a fluff free microfiber cloth or a steam cleaner
    • With the tweezer, place the diamond in the center of the turntable’s plate. Make sure the air suction is firmly keeping it in place
    • When your diamond is well positioned, close your studios doors. Diamonds are sensitive to outside lights
  • 5. Adjust your camera's angle

    Adjust your camera’s angle to 50 degree so the camera will be perfectly centered with the center of the diamond. 


    Note: The camera’s angle depends on your diamond’s pavilion angle. You may need to raise, lower or slide forward or back your tripod head.

  • 6. Center and focus your diamond
    focusing loose diamond for sparkle view

    Use the software’s position marks to precisely center the camera to the diamond’s center. Click on the zoom tool to see it better. Make a 180° rotation to double-check. If the diamond is correctly centered, you will see some reflections. Re-adjust it if needed.


    To focus: turn OFF the depth of field and then double click the zoom button to apply the 10x zoom. Now, manually adjust the focus in accordance with your diamond’s shape (use the picture bellow as a guide). When it is focused, turn the depth of field back ON.


    guide to focus different diamond shapes

  • 7. Modify camera and light settings
    light and camera settings for 360 diamond sparkle view

    Under camera settings, click on the picture style toggle and adjust the sharpness to 7 and the rest to 0. Then, select 13 as the camera’s aperture value, 1/20 for shutter speed and 200 for ISO.

    After, under lighting settings, set the toplight between 1 to 10%, the front sparkles to 100% and the other light sources to 0.


    Tips: You can move the lens loop around to increase the lighting and produce consistent and defined cuts and arrows.

  • 8. Create your 360° sparkle view
    animations settings for 360 diamond sparkle view

    Next step, go to the animations settings panel and choose the number of images to create the 360° sparkle view. As more images, the better and smoother the visual will be. In this tutorial, we selected 90 images. You can select high as the turntable speed to accelerate the process or leave as normal. Now you are all set, you can hit snap to start creating your diamond sparkle view.

  • 9. Customize your animation
    creating a html profile for diamond sparkle views

    Before exporting your 360° sparkle view animation, add zoom, play/pause, full screen, social medias buttons in different colors with our HTML profile feature. See more on our tutorial: How to fully customize a 360° diamond animation?.



    Easily create a face-up sparkle view of your diamond.


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