How to create your 360 shoes animations in 9 steps and automate the process?

In this tutorial our experts detail, step by step, the creation of a 360 shoes animations. Use this animated assembly of 24 to 1024 photographs to present sneakers, boots or even city shoes at 360 on an e-commerce website. This animated and interactive visual allows your visitors to observe the product from every angle, every detail. They thus obtain the maximum amount of information. A single shoe is enough to create a 360 animation


Suede pump


PackshotCreator R3 Mark II photo studio
Canon EOS 800D
Canon EF-S 18-135 mm


4 minutes
  • 1. On your marks: clean your shoe for the 360 animation
    How to clean shoes to create a 360 animation

    Depending on the material of the shoe, use a cloth or a brush to remove all traces of dust. On the suede shoe, we used a dusting spray. Some models of leather or soft fabric shoes require a paper padding to keep their shape when shooting.

  • 2. Place it in your photo studio
    How to position shoe for a 360 product animation

    Place the pump sideways in the studio, in the center of the turntable.

    • Use the marker in the center of the tray
    • Using the software, start the studio’s positioning laser
    • Use the 9 different markers present on your display screen
    • Create a ghost image, once your shoe is perfectly centered. The software on a blue_suede_women_shoes_360 profile (photo below) memorizes the exact position of the pump.
    • On a fine-heeled pump use a small amount of putty/paste to prevent any movement during the rotation of the plate.
  • 3. Set up the camera for your shoes animation
    camera settings for 360 animation

    Set the ISOs to a value between 200 and 400, the aperture to 11 for completely sharp pictures, and the shutter speed to 1/15 (on this studio model with 9 light sources).

  • 4. Ready? Choose the ideal lighting on your pump
    shoes photography lighting settings for 360° animation

    Adjust the intensity of each of the studio’s LED light sources: front, back, column or turntable backlighting.

  • 5. Save your camera and lighting configuration on the same profile
    camera settings storage for 360 product photography

    Name and store all these camera and lighting setup settings on a profile that can be used again later.

  • 6. Before leaving the starting blocks
    Personalize a 360° shoes animation for e-commerce website

    Choose the direction of rotation, the speed, the number of images that will make up the 360-degree animation. It is possible to make up to 1024. For an e-commerce website, for example, specialized in shoes, 24 pictures are more than enough!

  • 7. Go! The 360 shoe animations is launched
    360 rotation system for shoe product photography

    Again from the software, click on Snap. The table starts a 360° rotation. During this rotation, the software automatically calculates the angles and the camera takes 24 pictures of your shoe.

  • 8. Customize your 360 shoes animations
    How to customize a 360° shoe animation?

    Add a zoom so that your visitors see the smallest details of your shoes, notes for internal communication and customize the design and colors of the buttons (play, pause and zoom and share on social networks). Add animation to the graphic design of your e-commerce website. Also save this personal touch on the dedicated profile.

  • 9. The final touch: the automatic assembly and the HTML5 file
    automatic assembly and the HTML5 file

    Now, the software automatically assembles the 24 photographs of the pump. A file in HTML5 format is then generated. You will then send the HTML5 file to a storage cloud, from where an integration link will be generated. All you have to do is copy/paste this link on your website for the animation to be displayed online.