How to automatically get individual files of multiple products shot together?

Photograph multiple products together and automatically obtain individual files for each item. If you have thousands of small items to shoot per day, the Multi-Product Capture feature in our product photography software will save you a great amount of time! This productive feature allows you to simply place different products together in the PackshotCreator photo studio and, with only few clicks, you will be able to automatically save single photos of each photographed object. Check it out all the steps in this tutorial.  


Multiple products


PackshotCreator photo studio
PackshotCreator software
*Compatible Canon camera
Canon lens


1 minutes
  • 1. Place and center
    How to automatically get individual files of multiple products shot together?

    Using the position rulers on the software, correctly place your products in your PackshotCreator studio. Make sure to give a space between them.

    Then, select the 2D button and choose the AutoMask as the shooting mode.

  • 2. Adjust your camera and light settings
    set up camera and light settings for multiple products shot

    With the right lens equipped, now go under camera settings, set the aperture to 8 and the shutter speed to 1/60 for a completely sharp photo. Choose a value of 400 for ISO.

    Next, adjust each light source individually from 1 to 100% with the LightControl until you get the best result for your product. You can save these settings as a profile for future uses. To do this, simply click on the “Save” button and give a name to this profile.


    Tips: In order for the AutoMask to work correctly, the lighting has to be adjusted in a way that you create a contrast between the background and the products edges.


    Note: For products with lighter colors such as white: the background should be darker than the product. For dark items such as the ones used on this tutorial: the background should be lighter than the products.

  • 3. Set up the AutoMask feature
    setting up the background removal mask

    Now it is time to set up your background removal mask. Under AutoMask setttings, select “New profile”. Choose one of the 4 presets (matte, reflective, semi-transparent or transparent) according to your product’s typology.

    Then, click on the “Snap” button to take your photos.


    PackshotCreator advantage: natural shadow

    The AutoMask feature gives you the benefit of keeping a natural shadow on your product photos when removing their background. To apply it, turn the “apply shadow” ON.


    Note: If you are shooting from the top like in this tutorial, the “apply shadow” button won’t be available. The natural shadow feature is only available when creating front or side shots.

  • 4. Adapt the background removal mask
    background removal of multiple products

    In this step, the software lets you adjust the opacity and quality of the transparent mask. To do this, move the cursors left and right until you get a perfect black shape of your multiple products. If after adjusting this mask, you still can’t get the desire result, you can use the “Retake” button to re-adjust the lighting to the background.

    Once done, click “Finish” and save your AutoMask profile for future uses.


    Note: The black portion is everything that will be kept on the photo and the white is what will be removed.

  • 5. The single file
    photo of multiple products shot together

    The software automatically creates the photo of your different items on a transparent background. You can then select this photo and click on theEdit button to access the editing interface.

  • 6. Use the Multi-Products Capture feature
    multiple products capture

    Under “Tools”, click on theImage Separation button and choose the ratio for your photos, as well as the percentage of margins. Once selected, click on “Ok”.

  • 7. The separate files
    automatically get individual files of multiple products

    The PackshotCreator software automatically detects the different products and separates them in individual files.

    The single images are now ready to be exported.

    Select “Ok”.

  • 8. Save your images
    save the multiple products capture images

    Click on the “Save As” and choose the different formats you would like to save your products photos. Choose the size, image quality, and DPI. Give your visuals a name by filling the “Filename” box and then click to “Save”.


    Your individual images are now ready to be published!


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