How to avoid blurry products photography with Superfocus

Bring your entire product into focus

The Superfocus is an automatic focus stacking feature that was created to avoid the commonly blur effect to products photograph. It gives you the ability to takes severals pictures of a product at different focus points and automatically combine them to produce a product photo with exceptional depth and texture.

Show your product completely sharp

The Superfocus feature is commonly used when shooting jewelry and small objects like eyewear for example, or any product placed lengthways or on different levels in order to get a precise quality results.

When photographing your product with the Superfocus feature, the software allows you to select the number of photos to be taken of your product over a range of focus points. It then automatically combines these images together into one photograph with your product completely sharp.

avoid blurry photograph with hyperfocus feature
avoid blurry photograph with hyperfocus feature

How to shoot your products with Hyperfocus:

Control the production straight from the software and visualize the results in real time:

1. Place your product
2. Activate Superfocus in the Photo mode
3. Use the Focus tool to focus on the part of the product closes to the camera
4. A new window open for you to select a focus increment (distance between capturing another picture)
5. After selecting click Next
6. Another window appear for you to choose the number of pictures to be taken
7. After selecting click Next
8. Use the focus peaking arrows as a guide to how many images you need until your entire product is in focus
9. When ready press Next and then Capture
10. The software takes the pictures and automatically combines them in an individual file


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