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Clothing photography and 360° visuals for fashion & textiles

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Fashion and garment industry is a ubiquitous presence online. Produce your own clothing photography catalog with PackshotCreator

For sales platforms and internal communications, in every domain from traditional retail stores to social media, clothing photography is as important as ever. 58% of retailers in the industry have started using e-commerce. More than just another sales channel, for many businesses e-commerce is an opportunity to expand their audience to lucrative new markets like Asia.

PACKSHOTCREATOR: 15 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE bringing your image production in-house. A trusted partner to hundreds of fashion and garment businesses since 2001.


Lingerie, ladies’ fashion, children’s clothing and menswear: PackshotCreator makes image production a simple and intuitive process.
  • What are the different types of photo shoot equipment and accessories necessary to produce images of garments in flat lay or as worn ?
  • Which types of shots of my clothes and fashion accessories will these solutions produce ?
  • Will PackshotCreator studios produce results on par with professional photography ?
  • How do I showcase my outfits, fabrics, materials, cuts and designs ?
  • What techniques can I use to avoid moiré type effects ?
  • How do I display multiple colour choices for the same item ?
  • How do I communicate the greatest possible amount of visual information ?

Our experts have been providing answers to questions like these on a daily basis for the past 15 years.

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Clothing photography : our expertise

  • light table studio PackshotCreator

    Our photography equipment for the fashion industry

    PackshotCreator offers a complete, advanced range of equipment and services that's ideal for photographing clothes and fashion accessories. You can present your garments on a model, in ghost mode, as worn or in flat lay. Our studios can adapt to all your style choices and artistic needs in product presentation.
  • ready made clothes ecommerce

    Open or enclosed studios

    Our photography boxes, light tables and studios are versatile and will adapt to each one of your projects. Modular and compact, they can fit into the backroom of a store, a warehouse, or in your workshop space.
  • Fashion ecommerce photo communication

    Visuals suited to internal and client communications

    PackshotCreator is intuitive and simple to use. That means it can help you be more responsive and flesh out your product communications (sales pitches, PR). You can use it to facilitate internal communications during the design process, or to give your suppliers detailed visuals about the manufacturing of your items or their fabrics: cotton, jersey, poplin, flannel, velvet... Finally, you can use it to create a database of textile samples or photos and animations for e-commerce, catalogues, customer service brochures, quality control...

How do you display every angle of your styles?

In an ultra-competitive market, it’s essential that your e-commerce website displays your items in exhaustive detail. As online shopping continues to grow, your customers have become accustomed to a certain level of quality in the configuration of online stores. They have high standards for their user experience. Viral trends and ephemeral styles, partly due to social media influencers, make it essential for fashion businesses to be on the level with superb, detailed product visuals.

The PackshotSpin (equipped with a cyclorama background and LED lighting kit), LuminaPad+ Mark II and PackshotAlto Mark II studios are operated by the most powerful software suite on the market. From styling to accessories, prêt-à-porter to haute couture, you can showcase each one of your products — shirts, blouses, bustiers, hosiery, socks, jackets and more — by using our intuitive software to create custom sequences of the items in your collection. Displaying multiple views of your products (as in the animation opposite) garners trust and improves the customer experience.

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How does our system increase productivity?

Between seasonal collections, sales, prefall, private showcases and fashion weeks, it’s essential to be responsive as soon as you receive items and prototypes. Set up your photo shoots in a way that lets you meet your image production deadlines so you can stay on top of your schedule and the fashion world’s busy calendar.

Automated clothing photography

With automatic cropping for multiple products, you can shoot several accessories, scarves, or folded garments from your collection in flat lay on the LuminaPad light table, then save them automatically in separate files in just a few clicks. You’ll increase your productivity by photographing several items of the same type in one go.

Detailed visuals improve your e-commerce conversion rate. Dynamic zoom lets your website visitors see the unique details and characteristics of your textiles: right and wrong sides of the fabric, its flocking, embossing, sequins, the moiré surface of silk …

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photo cropping fashion accessories

PackshotCreator features for clothes & accessories

photo fashion belt flatlay for online stores

Shoot your clothing and accessories in flat lay by laying them out on the LuminaPad photo shoot table. Provide customers with macro views of your textiles and accessories: the detailing on a button, the stitching in an embroidered design, a belt buckle, the inside of a lapel...

photo of clothes on a ghost mannequin

Show the cut, volume, fabric and drape of a dress as it really looks when it is worn. PackshotCreator lets you photograph your pieces or create vertical animations on real or plaster "ghost models".

photo flatlay child fashion on online stores

The automatic and multi-product cropping features simplify your e-commerce photo shoots. For still images, multi-angle views (front, back, side) or 360° animations of your garments, the software guides your through the process from A to Z.

still photo of a piece of clothing for ecommerce with zoom possibility

The 20x zoom lets your future buyers and your employees browse an image while keeping the same degree of magnification. It lets them discover the texture of a neoprene skirt, the weave of a cotton shirt or a linen blouse, the warp and weft of a cashmere scarf, or perhaps the realistic texture of a simulated leather jacket.

how to do fashion photography to note the colors and tints of the fabrics

The fully calibrated, 100% LED lighting environment in our studios lets you present your whole collection in a uniform style, faithfully reproducing the color and tint of your fabrics. You could use it to create a library of color shades for all your fashion items.

ghost image photo tool through PackshotCreator software

With the "ghost image" placement system, you can memorize up to 200 item placement configurations, making it easier to produce coordinated visuals and product animations.

360 animation of fashion clothing on online stores

Wow your customers with enhanced 360° animations. The scripting feature lets you show off key angles of your clothes as they are worn in real life. Add your personal annotations to display all relevant information on your product visuals.

photo with focus stacking of fashion accessories

With the hyperfocus feature, you'll be sure to produce images that show your pieces in every gorgeous detail. You will get a clear presentation of your items and optimal image quality, making it easy to review your pieces and collections.

Creativity with PackshotCreator: a testimonial from the Nina Ricci fashion house

The PackshotCreator automated photo systems rise to every challenge of in-house clothing photography. The software features for shooting, retouching, and exporting images are designed to boost productivity and produce quality results while being extremely user friendly. They’re ideally suited to internal communications in the fashion industry:

I’ve already taken thousands of photographs with the PackshotCreator studio. It has allowed me to create an image database of all our products. This comprehensive collection of photographs is an invaluable resource for our company.

Augustin de Montalivet, Marketing Director for Nina Ricci

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tutorial on how to use the PackshotCreator editing software
how to use the PackshotCreator software to edit photos in fashion
tutorial on how to edit a clothing piece on a software
fashion photopgraphy with software features
tutorial on how to edit pictures on a PackshotCreator software
  • tutorial on how to use the PackshotCreator editing software
  • how to use the PackshotCreator software to edit photos in fashion
  • tutorial on how to edit a clothing piece on a software
  • fashion photopgraphy with software features
  • tutorial on how to edit pictures on a PackshotCreator software
fashion studio photographer and a light table

What's the best way to shoot clothing and accessories?

We offer PackshotCreator training in product clothing photography and animation specially designed for fashion and textile professionals.

Since 2003, our product photography specialists have trained thousands of customers, working with the latest Canon et Nikon technologies in combination with PackshotCreator photo solutions.

The goal is intensive practical work creating product visuals, to help you master the basics of photography and animation with your PackshotCreator studio.
You can choose between an initial one-day course or a full training cycle with specialization modules (360° animations, e-commerce, or even post-production). When you complete the training, you will be 100% ready to use your photo solution and become your own product photographer.


What benefits for the fashion and garment industry?