Furniture Photography Studio for eCommerce

Take professional photos of your furniture and home goods in house with automated furniture photo studios that accelerate and facilitate your visual production. Orbitvu's full line of software-controlled photo studios, 360 turntables and 3D equipment allow anyone from your company to easily create visuals of your products on pure white and transparent background. Create and display videos and interactive animations in 360 and 3D formats of any furniture up to 600 kg.

Software Controlled Furniture Photography Studio

furniture photography with automated photo studios

Orbitvu’s software-controlled furniture photography studios, help start-ups and big companies to automate and facilitate their visual production workflow. Users can create in house, hundreds of professional product photos every day with outstanding quality and constancy for their ecommerce websites, catalogues, quality control and much more.


Better & Faster Furniture Photography Results


With a growing online marketplace, in order to outshine the competition, furniture and home goods businesses need visuals that stand out to make their products interactive and to build a strong brand identity. With thousands of products to photograph per day, it is essential to have the right and efficient workflow.

Orbitvu furniture photography photo studios bring to businesses, in a consistent way, the ability to streamline home goods photography by taking ready-to-use photos and 360 views that require minimum or no post production. Potential customers will then, be able to interact with these 360 animations of your furniture and home decor products and visualise them on their own home.

photograph your furniture and home decor products in house

Automate Your Visual Production

software-controlled solutions for furniture photography

Interactive 360 Furniture Photography

Automatically create 360 videos and animations of your furniture on pure white or transparent backgrounds. Make them fully customized by adding buttons, deep zoom, hotspots, annotations and much more. These interactive views will be compatible to display in all device without any plug-ins!

Example of Home Decor and Furniture Photography


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