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Classic interior brands are evolving. In an industry shaken up by the pure players, with a growing online marketplace, furniture businesses need visuals that stand out to make their products interactive and to build a strong brand identity, in order to outshine the competition with in-house furniture photoshoot .

Since visitors can't directly see or touch items online, there are typically longer decision times before they commit to a purchase. So it's essential to showcase furniture with rich, interactive visuals.

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Furniture of all sizes, assembly kits, designer home decor… PackshotCreator makes producing photos and animations a simple, intuitive process.
  • What are the options for my furniture photoshoot ?
  • How can I make my website stand out from the competition ?
  • How do I deal with transparent and reflective items in my photographs ?
  • How can I show all my product characteristics in a single image ?
  • Can a photo studio be installed inside a warehouse ?
  • How can give my website visitors the sense of being in a brick-and-mortar shop ?
Our specialists have been providing answers to questions like these on a daily basis for the past 18 years.



Studios to suit any piece of furniture

PackshotCreator offers a complete, advanced range of equipment and services that can be used to create photos and animations for products with varying volumes and textures: coffee tables, bedrooms for kids, light fixtures…


For client-facing and internal communications

You can use photos and animations produced in-house for your e-commerce website, catalogues and brochures, purchasing services or R&D, your quality control or your 3D configuring tools.


An in-house space dedicated to your visuals

Automated photo studios and 360° / 3D photography systems can easily be installed in a room dedicated to the production of in-house visuals. That way you can avoid making trips back and forth to outside service providers!

still shot of displayed furniture for ecommerce purposes
large scale product photography with 360 animation
photo gallery of furniture for an ecommerce platform
  • still shot of displayed furniture for ecommerce purposes
  • large scale product photography with 360 animation
  • photo gallery of furniture for an ecommerce platform


The PackshotSpin XL can rotate products until 3m large

We can create all sorts of visuals with furniture photoshoot depending on your product specs and your needs: an HD photo of a coffee table against a pure white background, 3D spherical or hemispherical animation… Alternatively: a scripted animation of a convertible sofa showing all of its configurations thanks to the animation enhancement option on the software. The ideal combination is a PackshotSpin O9T turntable  with the LiveStudio and the PackshotSphere X5 3D system. This plate operated by PackshotCreator software can support items weighing up to 320 kilos (over 700 lbs) and thus allow multi-angle shooting with no human handling.


Clip your furniture and home decor items in just a few clicks. PNG-formatted visuals can be used to place your products on a neutral background, a visual montage or in an image gallery. They can be adapted to all your communication needs, whether for a specific support or to present its full range (wood finishes, teak, plywood…).


Don’t restrict yourself to just one type of image, a pure white background being the most commonly used nowadays.

after auto-clipping photo of furniture
before auto-clipping photo of furniture


  • Boost your conversion rate with interactive images

    The progressive zoom enlarges the whole image by 20x even when an item of furniture is animated in 360° or 3D. The customer zooms in on one area of the product and browses the image while keeping the same magnification. According to research, the more potential customers have access to detailed interactive visuals (360° animations, Focus Stacking), the more the conversion rate increases while the rate of returns goes down.

  • Automate the production of furniture visuals

    Whether you have 50 or 500 items to photograph, PackshotCreator software cuts back on travel logistics and standardizes your photo shoots: you'll have access to product placement help, memorized batch parameters to standardize all your furnishings, and simultaneous export of the file into several formats for use across all your communication media.

  • Perfectly clear images and animations

    Hyperfocus or focus stacking is a software feature that allows you eliminate the progressive blurring effect, particularly on arrangements of furniture and small decor items, or any other product displayed on a lengthwise or on multiple levels. Your visuals will be perfectly clear.

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