Take control of your product packaging photography with in-house automated photo studios

Product Packaging photography: in a consumer's first encounter with a product, packaging plays a crucial role, ensuring product safety, shelf life, brand visibility, environmental impact...

Ecommerce has boosted the cardboard packaging photography. Growing awareness of environmental issues has led to a push for more eco-friendly wrappers and boxes on a global scale. Finally, “snackism” and “nomadism” have encouraged the development of innovative new packaging technologies. With more than 3.5 trillion units of packaging sold in 2015, businesses stand to gain from increased flexibility and higher returns on their production process.

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Wrappers, cases, boxes, paper products, cardboard, hard and flexible plastics, aluminum and glass… Orbitvu makes image production a simple and intuitive process.
  • What kind of equipment do I need to create my own product packaging photography?
  • Can I get professional results with in-house photos and animations?
  • How do I photograph transparent, reflective or white packaging?
  • What are the best ways to highlight the finish and detail of my products: closures, textures, materials…?
  • How do I create an animation that shows my prototypes in use (e.g. opening and closing)?
  • Can I use in-house photography to manage the design and production of my packaging?
  • Why are product images important for in-house quality control?
Our specialists have been providing answers to questions like these on a daily basis for the past 18 years.



Studios designed to shoot any type of product packaging

Packaging for agro-food products, cosmetics, parapharmaceuticals, toys, travel or luxury items… Orbitvu offers an advanced, comprehensive range of equipment and services that will let you produce photos and animations of any kind of packaging.


A dedicated workspace for product photography

These compact and versatile software-operated studios can easily be set up in any spot suited to in-house photography, like the workshop where you create your packaging designs and prototypes.


Take control of your internal and client-facing communications

With Orbitvu studios, you can create photos and animations for e-commerce, sales, R&D or quality control.



The Alphashot 360, Alphashot XL and Alphastudio Compact photography studios are progressive and operated by the most powerful software suite on the market. With the software, you can create stunning visuals like a scripted 360 or 3D animation of a packaging design for your R&D department. Show it in all key angles and as it is in use: set-up, opening, cut… Innovations like smart packaging and the latest sterilisation technologies require you to track production and development. Share your packaging models and prototypes with your team. Other innovations include packaging designs made from natural materials like beeswax, or suited to modern lifestyles, like product packaging specifically designed for cyclists.

Highlight their quality with comprehensive visuals such as 3D models or image galleries.


Orbitvu’s photo shoot technology was designed to help you make higher returns on investment. That’s why Orbitvu’s photo studios are automated and let you save multiple settings: light, framing, product placement, multi-cropping as well as instantly saving your images in different file formats. Another software feature features, Hyperfocus, lets you use focus stacking technology to present packaging visuals that are 100% clear.

In the spirit of “what you see is what you get”, provide your customers with readable photos and animations of your packaging products. Highlight the quality of your connected packaging to increase consumer engagement. With Orbitvu’s scripting software, annotate your visuals to improve communication with buyers and cut back on return trips. Apply dynamic zoom to a still packaging photography or animation and encourage viewers to observe every aspect of your packaging and its finish in detail (cut, embossing, blister pack for a small item, fluting, safety seals), for your internal and client communications.

Features dedicated to product packaging photography

Magnification Tool

What benefits for the product packaging industry?

  • Standardize your packaging visuals

    In the packaging industry, new design mockups and product arrivals mean a large number of visuals that need to be updated on a short timeline. Whether you have 50 or 2000 items to photograph, Orbitvu Station software eliminates back-and-forth trips to outside service providers and standardizes photo shoots with features like product placement assistance, memorization of batch parameters, and simultaneous export of images to multiple file formats.

  • Quality photographs available right away

    Your choice of lighting (daylight or other) and modular anodized aluminum panels combined with Orbitvu Station software give you complete control over your production of visuals, e.g. by getting rid of unwanted reflections. You can choose whether to photograph items against a pure white background or crop them in just a few clicks.

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