Place the scarf and then adjust the lighting easily

Control the light sources of your photo studio with the LiveLight

Control as you wish the LED light sources

Dim the intensity of your different LED lighting sources from any touch screen connected to the software interface. Regardless of the number of sources, adjust them together, with ease.

You have total control of the luminous flux to obtain the desired rendering on your products.

Lighting that does exactly what you tell it to do

Each source or LED lighting zone is managed by its individual control board. All are connected to a motherboard. This system makes the management of the luminous flux of each completely modular.

Adjust in an intuitive way the intensity of your lighting from any touchscreen device. Slide your finger across the screen to raise or lower the intensity of each light sources in the studio. Preview in real time how your product reacts to light and choose which lighting is better for your needs.

light sources control

How to use LiveLight:

Control the entire production straight from the software and visualize the results in real time:

1. Place your product
2. Turn on LiveLight
3. Move around the LiveLight icon to get your desired lighting result
4. Press Snap
5. Save your file(s)


How do I control the lighting when I photograph a product?

Lighting is the key element of a good product photo. Controlling it will allow you to determine the amount of light. Learn more.

Why choose modular LED lighting in product photography?

With a daylight color temperature, LED lighting will allow you to illuminate your products in the best way. Discover its other advantages.