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How to edit multiple product photos at once with Multi Editing

Boost your products post-production with Multi Editing feature

With PackshotCreator‘s software Multi Editing feature you can modify as many photos as you wish simultaneously. Select multiple images from the same series (several photos taken from different angles of the same product), edit a single visual and apply these adjustments to all selected images. No more need to edit your product images one by one in a different program. Everything can be done directly from the software’s interface and in just seconds!

Edit multiple photos simultaneously

PackshotCreator‘s software has its own embedded editing program that permits you to edit multiple photos immediatly after capturing them.

Our Editing program comes with the most of editing tools you will need. Simply adjust brightness, contrast, or saturation, as well levels, sharpness, and many other alternations. When done, press Apply All and the modifications will be automatically applied to all of your photos previously selected. That simple and easy!

No more wasting time editing photo by photo. Multi Editing lets you be productive and effective with your visual production.

How to edit multiple images:

Under the LiveView interface :

1. Select the images to be edited
2. Press Edit
3. The images instantly open under the interface Edit
4. Make any adjustments as wished in one single image
5. Click Apply All
6. Save your files

adjust the contrast on packshot creator softwaresaturation iconcontrol the levels of your picturesadd sharpness to your pictureadjust the intensity of colorsIndividual correction of each color of the visual


How to edit several photos at the same time?

In order to speed up your visual production, it would be wise to edit several similar photos at once. How to do it?