E-comm Studio+

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Don't let the dimensions of your products hold you back anymore: anything is possible with the E-comm Studio+, the largest content production solution. Its extensive platform can accommodate products as large as household appliances or even vehicles. Easily create packshots, 360-degree shots, or videos of your products, regardless of their size.

Dimensions: 670 x 588 x 302 cm
Weight: 663 kg


Maximum size* : 300 cm × 300 cm × 200 cm
Maximum weight: 4000 kg

*supplier’s dimensions – contact us to discuss about your requirements

The best solution for particularly large products

Designed to showcase your e-commerce products, regardless of their size, the E-comm Studio+ allows you to capture, edit, and publish high-quality photos, create 360-degree rotations, and produce professional videos with a snap of your fingers.


Highly customizable and designed for particularly voluminous products, the E-comm Studio+ enables you to effortlessly capture sofas, appliances, or even vehicles.


But E-comm Studio+ is not just about its hardware components: it also comes with an intuitive software that simplifies your content production immensely. Say goodbye to logistical or post-production issues, as your workflow is streamlined like never before. The E-comm Studio+ offers you a complete and convenient solution to bring your ideas to life and present your products in a captivating manner.

Less than 3 minutes for a 360° rotation

Achieve a complete rotation of a bulky product in under 3 minutes.


Up to 4000 kg

Place products weighing up to 4000 kg on the platform and capture them from various angles with the E-Comm Studio+.


100% in-house

Save time and money by having full control over your content production.

Discover all the products you can capture with the E-comm Studio+

yellow sofa packshot photography
red cabinet packshot photography
Fridge packshot photography
blue tent packshot photography
quad packshot photography
  • yellow sofa packshot photography
  • red cabinet packshot photography
  • Fridge packshot photography
  • blue tent packshot photography
  • quad packshot photography

Customize the E-comm Studio+ with its accessories

Backlit turntable

Spin your products, models, and mannequins on this platform to create 360-degree views, from which you can automatically remove the background.


Managed remotely by Orbitvu Station software, this backlight features individually controlled central and side sections for optimal results.

Wide lamp

This wide light has a lower section and an upper section controlled individually, allowing you to illuminate your products more precisely.

Narrow lamp

This narrow light panel can be easily attached to the internal or external rail of the E-comm Studio+.

Top camera mount with motorized zoom

This accessory allows you to attach a camera to the top of the studio to photograph your products from above. The motorized zoom provides remote control.

Software Performance

Color Conversion
Stored Custom Profiles
Multi Editing

The Color Conversion feature allows users to photograph their products and quickly edit their colors to express this same product in different colors.

Edit multiple pictures or animations in one click thanks to the powerwul editing interface of the Orbitvu Station software.

Are you curious about the E-comm Studio+?

Do you want to acquire a E-comm Studio+? Do you have any questions or need additional information? Contact us: our team of experts will be happy to guide you and answer all your questions.

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