PackshotMacro DL : a high-performance photo studio for gemstone photography, watches & jewelry

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  • An innovative photo lighting system for semi-precious stones & gemstones
  • Automate your image production for watches, jewelry, gold
  • A scalable, ultra-compact photo studio

A studio built for precision

The PackshotMacro DL is the only studio on the market that gives you fast, expert results without sacrificing accuracy.

  • 10 individually adjustable light sources make it easy to adjust the lighting so you can showcase your products at their best.
  • Export every image on a white (JPEG) or transparent background (PNG) while producing 360° animations—a 3 in 1 process !
  • Get the latest PackshotCreator software with powerful features developed over 16 years of market leading expertise.

Reveal the beauty in your most challenging items with a lighting system that adapts to your needs

The PackshotMacro DL is equipped with a dual lighting system including warm white and cool white LEDs, a major step forward in product photography for gemstones and other small items.

before dual lightingafter dual lighting
  • Our celebrated technology produces outstanding results for even the most difficult items: warm white LEDs illuminate gemstones all the way through, producing vivid colors and sparkling reflections that can’t be captured with a single type of lighting.
  • The background lighting zones are made up entirely of cold white LEDs, producing images with a pure white background.
    Above all, our LiveLight technology lets you individually adjust the intensity of each lighting zone from 0-100% in just one click without having to toggle the sliders. For subtle, accurate results.

Easy, masterful visuals

  • PackshotCreator software lets you operate the 360° turntable from your screen with microscopic precision, so you can produce animations with up to 720 images per rotation.
    Position items with perfect precision for fluid, ultra-realistic 360° product views !
  • The transparent turntable with backlighting makes it easy to manage shadows and reflections in all your product photos and animations.
  • PackshotCreator lets you record every setting for multiple different product types, saving massive amounts of time. Apply your preferred settings (lighting, camera type, image export and more) in just one click !

A modular, scalable studio

  • The Packshot<em>Macro</em> DL is small enough to fit on a desk so you can use it even in the most compact working spaces. The 4 modular panels (upper, right, front left and front right) provide the flexibility you need to configure your photo shoots exactly as desired. The ventilation system prevents overheating even during intensive use, and the aluminum case ensures a robut design, making it a high quality product ideally suited as a long-term investment.
  • The MacroSphere* adjustable arm lets you easily and fluidly adjust your shooting angle to one degree precision. Create hemispheric and 3D animations to show your items in full, detailed view.
    Unlike a standard tripod, the MacroSphere can support very heavy lenses (like macro lenses, for instance) and lets you shoot very close to your items. The mobile arm rotates 90°, allowing you to fully optimize your pixel size (no need to zoom, so no loss of image quality !)
macrosphere close up details


  • Dual lighting feature

    An innovative lighting system

    The PackshotMacro DL photo studio comes with 8 light zones. Each panel is made up of two lighting types: both warm white (3000°K) and cool white LEDs (5700°K), except the floor and background panels. This dual lighting system is specifically designed for gemstone photography, capturing clarity and brilliance in rich, gorgeous hues.
  • hyperfocus feature watch lip

    Hyperfocus: foolproof precision

    Each detail counts when you’re photographing precious items like watches, jewelry, gold or gemstones. Hyperfocus is a smart software feature that combines multiple photographs to produce images with a never-before-seen sharpness. It’s the optimal tool to overcome the challenges of close-up photography.
  • drop shadows creativity flowers

    Drop Shadows

    PackshotCreator software gives you a vast number of options for your product images. You can create cropped or uncropped photos, on a pure white background, or alternatively, you can add shadows to create elegant images with natural-looking relief. The Drop Shadow feature lets you add shadows and adjust density and other settings to suit your needs.
  • automask background removal


    This powerful algorithm is designed to let you crop any product image with ease, particularly translucent items. An add-on feature, AutoMask* works every time on images with a pure white or transparent background.

    * Sold separately
  • software feature and settings

    Our latest software release—for meticulous results

    To save you more time and effort than ever before, our newest software release comes with three pre-configured modes. “Daylight” mode lets you produce images on a 100% white background for perfect cropping. “Variable” mode has seven profiles expertly programmed for different types of gemstones (ruby, topaz…). Finally, “expert” mode gives you full access to all your LED settings (3000°K and 5700°K) for total creative freedom.
  • Additional spotlight

    Extra spotlight

    The PackshotMacro DL comes with a built-in additional light source: a 6000°K LED projector that illuminates gemstones with a piercing brilliance. Combined with the Sampling function, this remarkable feature lets you produce sparkling animations from video-extracted images. The spotlight illuminates every facet of your precious items frame by frame, for vivid, interactive visuals that shine.


Technological features
Full lighting system with intensity control on 10 different zones
Hyperfocus function to suppress all blurred effects
Double lighting with 3000 °K and 5700°K LEDs
Capture formats
Photo : Jpg, Raw, Tiff, Png
Animations : Gif, Html5
Video : MP4, AVI, MOV, 4K
Dimensions and weight of the solution
Dimensions of the hardware :
53 x 43 x 59.5 cm
Weight of the hardware :
38 kgs
Dimensions and weight of products to capture
Effective dimensions :
25 x 25 x 25 cm
Maximum size of products :
20 x 20 x 20 cm
Maximum weight of products :
1.35 kgs
Included in the package
PackshotMacro DL studio
Acrylic and transparent stand
Power and USB cables
PackshotCreator Software
Required configuration
Windows® 7, 8, 10
MAC OS 10.11, 10.12, 10.13
Processor : Core i5 minimum
RAM: min. 4 Go
Graphic card : 1920 x 1080
2 USB connections (2.0 min)
Power supply and ambient conditions
Voltage : 100-240 V AC
Frequency : 50-60 Hz
Relative humidity : 0-90 degrees without condensation
Compatible cameras
SLR Canon / Nikon please refer to this list.