PackshotCreator R3 Mark II

The PackshotCreator R3 Mark II is the 7th photo studio of its generation. Manage and automate your entire workflow: 2D photos, multi-view series, white or transparent background, videos… Quickly produce standardized visuals thanks to the intelligent combination of a tailored lighting, a scalable design and a control software. The three of them are at the forefront of technological innovation.

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Totally innovative lighting... 1

360 modular LED lighting product photo studio

The PackshotCreator R3 Mark II has 9 light sources that distribute the lighting equally and homogeneously throughout the studio. Arranged on 40 strips, the 2,802 LED crystals have been specially developped and designed by our engineers to provide unbeatable lighting quality. With a colour temperature of 5,700°K and a CRI more than 95, the color accuracy is flawless. The products’ colors are perfectly transposed in pictures.

The sources under the turntable, from the background, the front and the top of the studio are diffusing the light and covering an area of 1.64m2.  The PackshotCreator R3 Mark II allows you to photograph and animate many types of products, up to 62,8 x 62,8 x 84,5 cm. The homogeneous lighting can be adjusted from 1 to 100% in 7 area, offering a lot of possibilities to highlight products of all shapes, colors and materials. The backlit space occupies 81% of the studio’s width, 14% more than before.

With a lifespan of 50,000 hours (25 years in continuous use, 8 hours a day, for 253 working days a year), the robustness of the lighting is also reinforced by intelligent ventilation allowing intensive use, avoinding overheating, and breakdowns.

... to promote your products 2

You have complete control over the luminous flux of your photo studio to obtain the desired result on your visuals, whatever the type of product. A lot of innovative technologies are integrated into the same photo studio:

The housing of the PackshotCreator R3 Mark II is designed to be completely airtight. Multiple doors and covering avoid any external light pollution: the shooting environment is completely homogeneous and the light is perfectly diffused.

For total control of the light diffusion, the LiveLight offers 1006 possibilities to adjust the intensity of your 7 light sources. From any touchscreen media connected to the software interface, adjust the sources with ease.

These are just a few examples of the innovations that will make the PackshotCreator R3 Mark II an irreplaceable daily ally for your shots.

PC controlled 360 packshot phot studio PackshotCreator R3 Mark II

The most advanced system for robotic photography 3

Remotely control all your shots with the integrated, fully backlit 360° turntable.  With a diameter of 76.2 cm, it can handle products up to 32 kg. This table operates thanks to an asynchronous rotation technology. The inertia principle regulates its speed of rotation with the help of electrical impulses until it reaches its cruising speed. Movements are circular, graceful, and especially without oscillation.

It is also much faster and makes a 360 rotation in just 10 seconds, 40% faster than the engine of the previous generation. Your productivity is enhanced with the PackshotCreator R3 Mark II.

To achieve ultimate efficiency, this photo studio is equipped with an absolute encoder. Its role in the rotation of the turntable is to transmit positioning information to the software. Allowing any user to control his turntable with agility. Result: precise product placements.

A perfect combination for your productivity

The studio design, its rotating system and powerful software are the key assets of your productivity.

The PackshotCreator R3 Mark II is equipped with cabling and slots to connect and use multiple cameras from the software interface. A single clic is enough to take multiple shots, simultaneously and from multiple angles.  No need to move your products, save precious time.

With the Custom Defined feature, program the desired shooting angles for your products. Once these points of view have been selected and saved in the software interface, reapply them to a range of similar products. All parameters can be saved and reapplied.

Further increase your visual production capabilities with the Video Sampling software feature. Perform a two-in-one operation: a 360° product video with the ability to simultaneously extract as many images as desired to create a 360 animation in HTML5 format.

Evolving system

PackshotSphere X5

With this simultaneous multi-angle photo shooting system, you can take spherical and hemispherical views of all your products in a few minutes. Combined with the lighting environment of the PackshotCreator R3 Mark II, you get a rendering and fidelity never achieved on this type of visuals.

PackshotDual Capture

With multiple shooting system, create 360° animations from two different angles simultaneously. Increase the speed of your shootings and offer your visitors more detailed 360° visuals with more information. Intuitively control your shootings with PackshotDual Capture from the software interface.

Software performance

Are you curious about the PackshotCreator R3 Mark II?

Are you interested in this studio, do you have questions or do you need further information? If so, get in contact with us.

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