shoot pictures of dresses and then edit them easily

Personalize your products photography background with Custom Background

A tailor-made background

Photograph your product using the clipping feature of the Orbitvu Station software. Then personalize this visual with the Custom Background function allowing you to import a background or choose its color.

Customize your products photos in the most unique way

Photograph your product with the Background Removal feature and customize it straight from your screen and immediatly after the shooting.

The Custom Background feature permits you to change colors or upload an image into the background of your products photographs. You can also enter the color code you want for your background to respect your guide line.

Then export your visual in the desired format (PNG, PSD, TIFF, JPG or WEBP).


How to change your visuals background:

After shooting your production with Background Removal, under the View Interface:

1. Select the image(s) you want to customize
2. Press Edit
3. The image(s) instantly appears on the Editing interface of the software
4. Click Add Background
5. 2 options will appears on the screen: Image or Color
6. Select Image and then Browse to import an image onto your visual’s background or click Color and then select a color for the background
7. Press Apply, choose your file(s) format(s) and press Save


Why customize the background of my product photos?

A customized background can provoke the emotions you want the visitors of your website to feel when interacting with your products. Learn more

How to make a customized background for a product photo?

In order to customize the background of a product photo, it will need to be transparent. Discover how to do it.