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HTML5 Profile : a feature to create customized 360° products animations

Differentiate yourself from classic 360° animations

Be creative by revealing to your audience fully personalized 360° HTML5 animations of your products. Orbitvu with its HTML5 animation software offers you many possibilities for your 360° views. Define the rotation parameters, add a zoom or customize all the cursors (play, pause, etc.)…


An animation compatible with all reading media

The Profile HTML feature on the Orbitvu Station software, allows you to entirely personalize your 360° product animations: define its rotation parameters, add a magnification tool or customizing buttons such as play/pause, full screen. Go even further and choose the buttons color, style and many other options.

You can also preview your animations before exporting it: a major time-saving !

In addition to being fully customized, your animations will be compatible with all reading media for viewing on smartphones and tablets Android, Mac and PC. So visible to all without adding plug-in!

How to create a HTML5 Profile:

After creating the animation of your product and from the File Publication interface:

1. Click Publish
2. Edit the Publishing profile preferences
3. Edit Html5 Viewer preferences
4. A drop-down menu appears
5. Customize your animation
6. Preview your animation and if it is the expected result save it and publish it

You can save each HTML5 profile for future uses.


What is the HTML5 format?

This format allows, with the help of codes, to generate animations and some interactivity. Learn more.

How to generate a 360° animation in HTML5 format?

It will be quite simple to generate interactivity with HTML5 format by using a product photography software. Which one?