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Create animated clips with your products using Time Lapse feature

A product: a story to tell

The Time Lapse feature is an assembly of a sequence of photos. The software opens a dialog box upstream to allow you to collect a series of photographs, benefiting from a time interval. During this interval, position the product in your studio, trigger the camera at the desired time and create your animation in Time Lapse.

Total freedom of creation

For more creativity than a classic 360° animations, select the Time Lapse feature. Position your product and choose, via the interval, the time between two triggers of the camera.

With a default of 10 seconds between each trip, you can modify this time gap to have time to reposition the subject at leisure on the turntable of your studio. Once the sequence is complete, the software stacks the photo sequence which you can then customize and then create a file inHTML5 format of your animation with Time Lapse.

How to create animations with Time Lapse feature:

Control the production straight from the software and visualize the results in real time:

1. Place your product
2. Choose 360° Animation as the Capture Mode
3. Under Animation Settings select the Spin Range, Number of Images desired for the animation, and Time Lapse as the Shooting Mode
4. Click Snap
5. A window appears on your screen for you to select the minutes or seconds you need between shoots
6. Press Snap again
7. Customize and save your animation


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