Towards consolidating your e-marketing strategies

E-marketing is the application of marketing principles and techniques via the World Wide Web. Normally, companies use E-marketing to promote their services and products online.

The advantages of using E-marketing are:

  1. There are no geographical constraints as it can reach millions of people within seconds.
  2. It has a significantly lower cost as compared to traditional marketing.
  3. High interactivity level as customers gain direct access to company’s email and this enables faster respond rate.
  4. Allows marketers to focus on specific region or country. Thus, segmentation is more accurate.
  5. Tailoring messages and emails to meet customer needs.
  6. Data can be measured more accurately.
  7. Social media platforms help better targeting and communicating to audiences.
  8. Marketers can use multiple e-marketing strategies to target potential customers.

There are several strategies used in E-marketing namely; email marketing strategy, blogging, Search Engine Optimization, online advertising, online newsletters, media newsroom, press releases, success stories, testimonials of customers among others. Moreover, in this Web 2.0 and Rich Media era, communication blending with animations and Flash offer exquisite online experiences that definitely help in customer conversion.

Some E-Marketing Strategies

Email Marketing Strategy is a powerful tool which can be tailored to individuals. Press Releases can be sent via email to current and potential clients with messages that can trigger a buying behavior.
Blogging and Forums can be used as an alternative way to advertise on a product or service. This can be done indirectly (e.g. in the form of a testimonial) to portray a more objective viewpoint.
Testimonials are comments made by customers who have tried a product or service. Marketers generally choose the best testimonials to put on their website. This will give potential customers an idea of the satisfaction level of current customers who have tried the product or the service.
Search Engine Optimization is a way to attract internet traffic to a website. This is done using keyword phrases for internet search engines. The more a website is visible on the internet, the more success the company will achieve.
Online Advertising is one of the most important E-Marketing strategies as it provides significant return on investment.
Success Stories can be used to demonstrate how a company or an individual has benefited from a product. This is quite similar to a testimonial but tend to be perceived as more subjective by the audience. Testimonials should be integrated to the success stories.
Media Newsroom is used mainly for the press and the media. This section of a company’s website allows people to have access to press releases, media conference dates, the company’s articles and lots more. These tend to facilitate journalists’ workload when they look for information.
Online newsletter is an easy way to disperse product/service information which can easily be downloaded and printed. Businesses can use newsletters regularly to contact their customers or clients and communicate information about the company, offers, new products among others.
Social Networks are existing networks which are regularly accessed and which have become a daily practice for many internet users throughout the world. Targeting a particular age group or location is very easy. Marketers can choose to place an advertisement on the social network, send messages to targeted people, to write on articles for the promotion of the company’s image, products and services. Video clips, e-books and flash games can also be used within the social network as an interactive method to appeal to targeted network users.
Pay Per Click Advertising is an advertising model where advertisers only pay when a user has clicked on the advertising.

To conclude

The monitoring of internet activities is very important so as to measure the effectiveness of the internet campaigns. The fact that measuring data can be done more effectively is a bonus point for marketers. It is now possible to know the exact number of page views, the exact date it was viewed, the country from which the website was viewed and how many visitors the website has tallied among others. In order to consolidate marketing strategies, a marketer should know the company’s target audience and then devise ways and strategies that will best fit the bill in reaching the bull’s eyes.

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