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How to create hemispherical or spherical 3D product animation

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Combine the multiple arm system PackshotSphere X5 with a turntable and create hemispherical or spherical animation of products. PackshotCreator, product photography software synchronizes the rotation of the turntable with the shooting of the cameras. Pre-program the camera settings and define the rotation direction and speed. Next, select the number of images desired for the animation. Press Snap to start the animation.

Show your products from every angle

Create hemispherical or spherical animations to have the possibility of showing your product from every angles. Obtain a complete detailed views of all your products.

Determine the cameras parameters, turntable rotation and the number of images. Then press Snap. The controlled product photography software synchronizes the capturing of the cameras with the rotation of the 360 turntable. Your hemispherical or spherical product animation is ready to use as soon as the HTML5 export completed. You can integrate these hemispherical or spherical product views into your website or even share them to your team for quality control.

How to create hemispherical or spherical product animation:

1. Place your product
2. Choose 3D and then hemispherical or spherical animation as the capture mode
3. Adjust camera settings and turntable controls (spin type and speed)
4. Under animation settings, select the number of images fo the animation and the shooting mode (continuous or time lapse)
5. Make any pre adjusments necessary using the software interface
6. Click Snap
7. The PackshotCreator software automatically synchronizes the camera with the turntable
8. When the animation is ready, retake or edit if wished. If not, press finish
9. Select the formats and path you want to save your animation and click next